Friday, April 27, 2012

New Article in CTC Sentinel: "Revisiting Shaykh 'Atiyyatullah's Works on Takfir and Mass Violence"

I have a new article in the just-published April issue of West Point's CTC Sentinel, "Revisiting Shaykh 'Atiyyatullah's Works on Takfir and Mass Violence," which examines the writings and lectures of the late senior Al-Qa'ida Central ideologue Jamal Ibrahim Ishtaywi al-Misrati, who is more frequently known in transnational Sunni jihadi circles as Shaykh 'Atiyyatullah.

From the article's introduction (read the rest of the article HERE):

"This article examines Atiyyatullah’s position on takfir and how it fits into the broader intra-jihadist debate on excommunicating and using violence against other Muslims. Atiyyatullah’s efforts to regulate the use of takfir and violence, particularly after the Iraq debacle, were one of the most pragmatic attempts at intervention in this debate. His continued cautioning of jihadists to not misuse or misapply takfir and violence serves as an unintended confirmation that these were continuing problems among them, belying his attempts to deflect the allegations. Even in death, Atiyyatullah continues to serve as a charismatic voice for al-Qa`ida central and its allies, with the posthumous publication of writings and audio messages and citation of his previous work by al-Qa`ida central, its allies such as al-Shabab in Somalia, and “cyber” jihadists."

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