Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan Confirms the Death of Bekkay Harrach, German Member of Al-Qa'ida Central, in 2010 Afghanistan Attack

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), an Uzbek jihadi-takfiri group founded in Uzbekistan but currently, and for many years, based in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has confirmed in a German statement issued today that Bekkay "Abu Talha al-Almani (The German)" Harrach, a German-Moroccan member of Al-Qa'ida Central (AQC; Qaeda, Qaida), was killed during an attack on the United States military base in Bagram, Afghanistan in 2010. Rumors of his death emerged last year. Harrach was featured in a number of AQC videos speaking in German.

According to the IMU statement, entitled "A New Year in Waziristan," Harrach, who is called the "Hafiz-martyr" (a hafiz is someone who has memorized the Qur'an), was killed leading a major joint attack by 20 members of AQC, the IMU, and the Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan (Taliban Movement of Pakistan; TTP) against the U.S. military base at Bagram, Afghanistan.

Besides confirming Harrach's death the IMU statement is important because it provides further evidence of the working relationship between the group, AQC, and the TTP. In September 2010 the IMU released a video confirming the death of its former leader, Tahir Yuldashev (also called Muhammad Tahir Farouq), which included footage of its new and current leader, the young Abu Usman Adil (Osman Odil), meeting with TTP leaders Hakimullah Mehsud and Waliur Rahman (Rehman) Mehsud. The participation of TTP members in an attack in Afghanistan is also significant.

Cyber jihadi-takfiri graphic designers used images of Harrach from his AQC videos in artwork promising attacks on Germany, which I wrote about briefly HERE.

The IMU's new statement is, for the time being, available for download via this NON-militant URL from a free file-sharing web site (uploaded by the group):


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