Tuesday, September 28, 2010

IN PICTURES: "Al-Qa'ida" in Palestine? Black Flags Used by Transnational Jihadi-Takfiri Groups in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

The car in the background has (yellow) Israeli license plates.

Photographs showing the black-and-white flags emblazoned with the Muslim testament of faith ("there is no god but God and Muhammad is His messenger") in the occupied Palestinian Territories and Jerusalem are circulating among cyber jihadi-takfiri web sites. The messages on some of the banners are not necessarily different from general Muslim views about God and the Prophet Muhammad. The use of this particular style of flag, however, is noteworthy and potentially significant.

Transnational jihadi-takfiri materials have appeared in the Palestinian Territories before.

Currently, there are a number of small jihadi-takfiri groups operating in the Gaza Strip, among them Jund Ansar Allah (Soldiers of God's Partisans), Jama'at al-Tawhid wa'l Jihad fi Bayt al-Maqdis (Group of Absolute Monotheism & Struggle), and Jama'at Ansar al-Sunna fi Aknaf Bayt al-Maqdis (Group of the Prophetic Tradition's Partisans in the Shadow/Bosom of the Holy House/Jerusalem).

There have been signs that these groups, though small, are gaining ground with younger members of established Palestinian religious-nationalist groups such as HAMAS (Harakat al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyyah; "Islamic Resistance Movement") and Harakat al-Jihad al-Islami in Palestine ("Islamic Jihad Movement;" Palestinian Islamic Jihad; PIJ). I have written about this in the past HERE. In several instances, "martyred" Palestinian fighters have been claimed as members by multiple groups, including established religious-nationalist and transnational jihadi-takfiri ones. Most recently, a young member of HAMAS' military wing, the Brigades of the Martyr 'Izz al-Din al-Qassam, Mahmoud al-'Amarin (Ahmarine, Amareen), was claimed as a member by both HAMAS and Jama'at Ansar al-Sunna fi Aknaf Bayt al-Maqdis (Group of the Prophetic Tradition's Partisans in the Shadow/Bosom of Jerusalem) . On Saturday (Sep. 24) he died of wounds suffered in early September in an Israeli military strike.

Mahmoud al-'Amarin in front of a Qassam Brigades' backdrop.

Al-'Amarin, also called by his nom de guerre "Abu Muhammad al-Ansari," in a cyber "martyrdom" poster that uses the black-and-white flag used by transnational jihadi-takfiris worldwide.

I have written a longer article on this topic, which I am currently waiting to hear back about from a publication. If it does not end up being published there, I will post it here.

Monday, September 20, 2010

IN PICTURES: Waziristan Connections II: Abu Usman Adil, New Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan Leader, Meets with Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan Leaders

Abu Usman Adil, the new amir (leader) of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, which is based in Waziristan.

North and South Waziristan is a key base for a number of militant groups, chief among them the various Pashtun groups and confederations such as Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan (TTP; Taliban Movement of Pakistan) and the militia commanded by Mullah Nazir Ahmad. It is widely believed that Al-Qa'ida Central's (AQC) senior leaders are also based in Waziristan. The former AQC general commander of Khurasan (Afghanistan), Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, was killed in a drone missile strike in North Waziristan in late May.

Abu Usman Adil (bottom left) at an IMU shura (council) meeting with the late IMU leader Yuldashev (third from left, in black turban).

Abu Usman Adil meets with Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan leader Hakimullah Mehsud (left)

Abu Usman Adil (right) with Waliur Rahman (Rehman) Mehsud, the leader of the "Mehsud Tribal Militia" and a senior leader in Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan.

TTP maintains ties and alliances with a number of other groups, including AQC and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), a group composed of several thousand fighters that was led by Tahir Yuldashev, who is also known as Muhammad Tahir "Farouq," who was killed last year. The stills in this post were taken from a video released a few weeks ago by the IMU's media outlet, Jundullah (God's Soldiers) Studios. In the video, the group announced the death last year of its leader, Yuldashev, and the naming of a new leader, Abu Usman Adil (Usmon Odil, Odil-Furqon), who is shown in the stills. Footage of Yuldashev before his burial and his burial are also shown.

Tahir Yuldashev (Muhammad Tahir "Farouq")Align Center

Thursday, September 16, 2010

IN PICTURES: Palestine: Home of the Revolution...Artwork from the Popular & Democratic Fronts for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP & DFLP)

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine modification of a famous cartoon of "Handala," a representative of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees. The original cartoon can be viewed and read about HERE. He was the creation of Palestinian artist and refugee Naji al-'Ali, who was assassinated in 1987. The text in this poster reads: "Resistance until victory, 1979-2009."

For a change of pace, the images in this post, which are taken from my research archive on political imagery from the Middle East and Muslim world, are from the two main Palestinian left-wing socialist-Marxist parties, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP).

As I become acclimated to life as a doctoral student, I will not have as much time to dedicate to blogging here (at the main Views from the Occident blog and its "Twitter Specials" subsidiary) as I would like. One way that I will continue to post regularly will be to publish more posts about what has been the focus of much of my research for the past year and a half: political/ideological artwork and the visual culture produced by Middle Eastern and Muslim groups in the modern period.

Logo of the DFLP

DFLP: "New Dawn for the Fate of the People & the Revolution, 1979-2009."

DFLP: "38 Years of the Revolution"

PFLP: "42 Years...Unity & Resistance & Steadfastness Win"

Logo of the PFLP's military wing, the Abu 'Ali Mustafa Brigades and photographs of PFLP leaders: (from left): Mustafa 'Ali Zibri or Abu 'Ali Mustafa, Dr. George Habbash, and imprisoned leader Ahmad Sa'dat. Habbash was the PFLP's founder, Zibri his successor who was assassinated by Israel in July 2000, and Sa'dat was Zibri's successor who was seized by Israeli military forces in 2006 in Jericho's prison, where he had been held by the Palestinian National Authority since 2002.

Latin American revolutionary Che Guevara


From left: Palestine Liberation Organization chairman Yasir 'Arafat, the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, and PFLP founder Dr. George Habbash.

DFLP rally; a boy holds up a poster of the Latin American Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh No.....Al-Qa'ida Now Has Starship Troopers....Whatever Will We Do!?!?

The world may be in trouble, folks...This jihadi-takfiri piece of graphic art suggests that Al-Qa'ida Central (AQC) has trained an elite unit of Starship Troopers (or Stormtroopers, if one prefers). Part of the text reads: "Al-Qa'ida's Lions are everywhere...We will expel the Americans from the land of the Afghans (Afghanistan)." Remember: "Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise."

Pictured from top left: German-Moroccan AQC spokesman Bekkay Harrach, Usama (Osama) bin Laden, AQC's "mufti" (chief jurist) Abu Yahya al-Libi, American Harakat al-Shabab al-Mujahideen field commander Omar "Abu Mansur al-Amriki" Hammami, and the attempted assassin of Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Nayyif, 'Abdullah al-'Asiri.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2001 in the Eyes of al-Qa'ida Central: The View from al-Sahab

Cyber mural showing Usama bin Laden and Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri (top left), the "lead" hijacker Muhammad Atta (lower left), and the other hijackers. The gold text on the upper left reads: "Day the Muslims Roared," and the text in the lower left reads: "The Blessed Raid: 9/11."


On this date nine years ago, al-Qa'ida (al-Qaeda) "Central" (AQC) launched three successful kamikaze terrorist attacks, using hijacked commercial airliners as missiles, on two targets, the epicenter of U.S. military power at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia and one of the most recognizable symbols of U.S. economic power, the World Trade Center towers in downtown Manhattan in New York City. A fourth airliner, United Airlines flight 93, failed to reach its intended destination, which was reportedly the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., when some of the passengers stormed the cockpit. The hijacker piloting the plane, Ziyad Jarrah, intentionally crashed the plane in a field in Pennsylvania.

In the years since September 11, 2001, AQC's media wing, the al-Sahab (The Clouds) Media Foundation, has produced several major multimedia productions about the attacks. Two of the most important have been Knowledge for Action: The Manhattan Raid
(العلم للعمل: غزوة منهاتن ), released in two parts in 2006, and The Power of Truth
(قوة ألحق ), which was released a year later. Al-Sahab also released several of the wills made by some of the hijackers, screenshots of which are provided here for academic purposes. Individual members of the various Salafi jihadi online discussion forums, most of whom probably have no connection to al-Sahab or any actual jihadi group, have also designed their own cyber murals and posters commemorating, in their minds, the attacks. Several examples of these murals that I have found while conducting research for my current project on Islamist visual media and culture is also provided here for academic purposes.

In Knowledge for Action, the September 11 attacks are presented as a reaction to decades of humiliation and oppression suffered by Arabs and Muslims under the feet of foreign occupiers and interlopers in their affairs, chief among them the United States. The U.S. is singled out, the narrator explains, because of its backing of oppressive, apostate (مرتد ) regimes in Muslim, but primarily Arab, countries, as well as because of its integral support for Israel, which continues to occupy Palestinian land and abuse its people.

The hijackers and AQC itself are described as part of an "awakening" (صهوة ) of Arabs and Muslims who will no longer domestic and foreign oppression and occupation. In this way, AQC and other transnational jihadi groups see themselves as reacting in a defensive way to external aggression, whether at the hands of domestic "apostate" governments, Israeli Zionists, Russians (in Chechnya and the Caucasus), Indians (in Kashmir), Chinese (in East Turkestan), or the "new Crusaders" (the U.S. and its European allies). The clips of several of the hijackers' wills include references to the oppression of Muslims and occupation of Muslim lands around the globe, from the Arab Middle East to Chechnya to the Philippines.

Knowledge for Action, which runs to approximately an 90 minutes in length, is essentially a documentary of the history of the preparation for the attacks as well as a major AQC propaganda and da'wa ("missionary") production. It is a composed of a mix of interview clips with AQC leaders, including Usama bin Laden and Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, and spokesmen, such as the American Jewish convert Adam Gadahn ('Azzam al-Amriki, "The American"), and clips from American documentaries with prominent figures, such as journalist Bob Woodward of Watergate fame. Segments with the late Palestinian religious scholar and jihadi ideologue 'Abdullah 'Azzam are also included, though it should be noted that 'Azzam opposed attacks on civilians and kamikaze attacks (some analysts even believe that 'Azzam's 1989 death in a car bombing was masterminded by one of his rivals, perhaps even bin Laden or al-Zawahiri). There is also lengthy footage of the hijackers and other AQC members in training camps in Afghanistan. These myriad of clips are tied together by narration and jihadi songs (nasheeds).

Screenshots from the "martyrdom" will of hijacker Walid al-Shihri

Screenshots from the "martyrdom" will of hijacker Ahmad al-Haznawi

Screenshots from the "martyrdom" will of hijacker 'Abd al-'Aziz al-'Umari.

Bin Laden's and al-Zawahiri's segments are instructive as to the ideological foundations and strategic vision of AQC, while Gadahn's segments often come across as awkward and unnatural. Gadahn, frankly, is really not a great speaker, and his value as a propaganda, da'wa, and recruiting tool comes from his identities as a convert to Islam (and in his case, really to radical Islamism, a general term for the idea that Islam is applicable to modern politics; it is important to note that Islamist movements are quite varied, and the majority are not jihadi nor violent), and on top of that, a Jewish convert. Despite his often seemingly forced segments, Knowledge for Action is a highly sophisticated and effective AQC multimedia production. Its underlying message is perhaps best exemplified in the ending montage, which shows footage of the September 11 attacks as a popular jihadi nasheed plays.

Screenshots from Knowledge for Action: The Manhattan Raid

View Knowledge for Action: The Manhattan Raid, Part1 (with English subtitles).

View the end segment of Knowledge for Action, the segment with the nasheed as described above. Begin viewing at the 3:25-minute mark.

In contrast to the ideology of AQC and transnational jihadis, please see very different views HERE.

Prof. Juan Cole of the University of Michigan, a noted Middle East historian, on the "Top Ways 9/11 Broke Islamic Law".

Afghanistan "Quetta Shura" Taliban Statement on the Anniversary of September 11, 2001 (9/11)

"Afghanistan: Graveyard of Attackers (literally "raiders"), Russian or American"; The image on the lower right is from Somalia not Afghanistan.

Below is a statement from the Afghan Taliban, which refers to itself as the "Islamic Emirate [state] of Afghanistan" (as it did in the 1990s).

Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Regarding the Anniversary of the 9/11 Event

September 11, 2010

It is now for nine years that Afghanistan has been burning in the flames of the invasion of the American invaders, that started under the pretext of avenging the September event. In the past nine years, thousands of Afghans have been martyred, injured and detained by the invading Americans and others forced to leave their houses. On the other hand, the Mujahideen punished thousands of Americans and their allies during armed confrontations and Jihad by killing and injuring them for their invasion.

Furthermore, they have had heavy financial losses amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars. But still the Americans are bent on continuing the occupation of Afghanistan under the same hackneyed pretext and destroying and prosecuting the Afghans by further prolonging a war that could not be won. Americans have not achieved any tangible result to remedy the pains of the victims of 9/11 despite the continuation of the war for nine years.

The policy followed by the invading rulers of the White House under the pretext of avenging the September Event, unquestionably led to other hundreds of bloody events not only in Afghanistan but in others parts of the world. Hence in every part of the globe, the citizenship of USA has become a mark of danger. The people of America have been deprived of a peaceful and secure life. Their houses, cities, offices, airports and barracks have become battle fields. They are not able to find any solace and peace any where. Albeit that, they are regarded as invaders and aggressors at world’s level.

The war which they have started in Afghanistan, ironically thousands of kilometers away from the place of the occurrence of the event under the name of avenging the September event, is facing defeat because it is an illegitimate war which will eventually usher in the downfall of the American empire. Members of the global coalition which they had allied with at the beginning of he war, are now busy wriggling themselves of the entangle the Americans are grappling with, by pulling their forces out of Afghanistan after their having understood the realities behind it.

The confused rulers of America, instead of considering a rationale exit, persist in implementing plans which would lead to political and economic instability and law and order situation not only in Afghanistan, in the region but in America itself.

After the passage of nine years since the September Event and their resorting to the usage of all warfare tactics, they have now lost the chance of peace in Afghanistan. They have only once chance now and that is to withdraw their forces from Afghanistan unconditionally. They are not entitled to submitting (certain) conditions as a quid pro quo for withdrawal because the invasion of Afghanistan was an illegitimate action in the first place. Despite that, they are facing a dashing defeat. Therefore, on this occasion of the ninth anniversary of the September Event, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan advises the American rulers to take advantage of this chance; lose not further chances and unconditionally withdraw forces from Afghanistan. Thus they may save themselves from the fate of the former Britain and Soviet Union and put an end to the knotty Afghan issue.

It is the legitimate right of the Afghans to determine the future destiny of Afghanistan and establish a strong and independent Islamic system there. The Islamic Emirate has started Jihad against the invaders in order to ensure realization of this objective. They will continue their Islamic sacred duty (Jihad) until and unless the invaders are no more in Afghanistan and an Islamic sovereignty is established there.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Afghanistan "Quetta Shura" Taliban Leader, Mullah Muhammad 'Umar's 'Eid al-Fitr 2010 Message (Arabic & English)

The leader of the Afghanistan "Quetta Shura" Taliban, Mullah Muhammad 'Umar (Mohammad Omar) has issued his annual message in advance of the Muslim holiday 'Eid al-Fitr that ends the month of Ramadan. 'Umar is addressed as the "amir al-mu'mineen" or "commander of the believers," an honorific title historically reserved by Sunni Muslims for the caliph.

His 2009 'Eid al-Fitr message can be read HERE.

The official English translation of the 2010 message is immediately below and the Arabic statement follows. Persian and Pashtu official versions can be read HERE.

Message of Felicitation of the Esteemed Amir-ul-Momineen, on the Eve of Eid-ul-Fitr

September 8. 2010

Praise be to Allah in whose hands is the dominion and all affairs, the Creator, the Evolver, the Giver of life and death. We sincerely believe in His Oneness and Him alone, we worship. He has no partners. We ask Allah to shower His blessing and favors on the prophet, the generous one who was sent as a mercy for all creations. We witness that he conveyed the Message and fulfilled the mission and ameliorated the Ummah; dispelled the cloud and left the Ummah on a white screen. No one deviates from it but annihilates himself. May Allah (SwT) reward the prophet, the best rewards ever given to any prophet on behalf of his followers? Blessing of Allah and peace be upon him, his descendants and his companions, the chosen ones. After this, I would like to say:

Peace , mercy and blessing of Allah be on the Muslim Mujahid nation, the suffering families of martyrs, and prisoners, the gallant Mujahideen of the path of Jihad and sacrifice, all those who have been detained by the invading infidels on charges of their struggling for independence and on all Islamic Ummah,.

I extend my felicitation to you all on the eve of Eid-ul-fitr and pray to Allah (SwT) to accept in His sight your fast, worship and sacrifices in the way of Truth.

Availing myself of this opportunity of the auspicious occasion, I want to share with you some specific points regarding the current Jihad, the political situation and my ensuing actions and policies.

  1. a) O Muslim Mujahid Nation of Afghanistan!

The current Jihad and resistance in Afghanistan against the foreign invaders and their puppets, is a legitimate Jihad, being waged for the defense of the sovereignty of the Islamic country and Islam. The expansion, momentum and success of this Jihadic resistance rightly signify that it is a country-wide, independent and holy resistance of the masses and has now approached close to its destination of victory thanks to the help of Allah (SwT) and your innumerous sacrifices. So you should strive to lay aside all your internal differences, agrarian and residential lands disputes and other grievances. Put all your strength and planning behind the task of driving away the invaders and regaining independence of the country. The history has it that whenever invading forces face defeat, they sow seed of differences in the occupied territories before their pull-out and leave behind various conflicts. The Americans now are passing through this stage. Therefore, robustly focus on foiling all conspiracies of the enemy which are aimed at creating mistrust and separation between Mujahideen and the people or igniting the fire of internal fighting through formation of militias or launching fake process of elections with the prior knowledge that every thing has already been decided and finalized in Washington or the convening of the spurious Jirga by gathering some sycophant government employees or other similar conspiracies, Convince all those who are involved in these conspiracies unknowingly or lured by financial incentives. Strictly prevent them from perpetrating such activates.

I assure you, our days of sufferings and hardship will not prolong furthermore. Soon, if God willing, our grieved hearts will find solace as the invading enemy is ousted and the Islamic sovereignty is established. All our noble country men, whether be they an engineer, a doctor, a student of a school or of a religious Madrassa, whether he is a teacher or a cleric, a professor or religious scholar hailing from any tribe and ethnicity, will all work together like brothers in an independent country with strong Islamic government established on the basis of the aspirations of the people.

“Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety, grant them in the land, inheritance (of power) as He granted it to those before, them, that He will establish in authority their religion- the one which He has chosen for them, and that He will change (their state) after the fear in which they (lived), to one of security and peace. They will worship me (alone) and not associate aught with me. If any do reject Faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked. ( S. 24. A 55. )

  1. b) Mujahid Brothers!

Through your strong determination and faith, you succeeded to foil all conspiracies and machinations of the global infidel power. The Almighty Allah has favored you with victory over all your invading enemies thanks to your steadfastness and perseverance, effacing the aura of shock and awe of the powerful enemy. This was made possible due to your sincere Jihad and sacrifices. Today, America is regarded as a most hated force and faces humiliations and disgrace. We see now that the more you gain the upper hand over the enemy forces, the more their ranks and files become disarrayed and disorganized. Those military experts who have framed strategies of the invasion of Afghanistan or are now engaged in hammering out new strategies, admit themselves that all their strategies are nothing but a complete failure. All those experienced and sophisticated generals who were sent to the battle field, now are being sent back disgracefully and humiliatingly because of their incompetence and even they are given various nicknames. Other foreign forces which have come here for occupation of our country under the American umbrella are now under pressures from their people due to the growing and heavy military expenditures, casualties and the fruitlessness of the war. Each of them is hastily seeking ways of exit from Afghanistan. Therefore, my Mujahid brothers, if you want to gain more success in the field of the battles, you should try to reform your conduct and deeds; respect your Jihadic goals and pay attention to all-sided welfare and prosperity of your suffering but brave people. By maintaining an ever-growing unity and brotherhood among yourself, you shall not permit any one to set the stage for discord and differences among you on the instruction of the enemy. Do not waste your time on maligning each other but , on the contrary, direct all your efforts for improvement of Jihadic affairs, defense of Islam and the country; the thrashing of the enemy, serving and protecting your people. Take every caution to protect life, property of people and public installations. Do not regard people as an entity separate from you; respect all former pious Mujahideeen; strictly implement the book of the code of conduct which has already been given to you; use successful and complicated tactics during confrontation with the enemy; be aware to pay attention to the protection of Mujahideen; obey your superiors and conduct affairs through mutual consultation. Try to nip in the bud all plans and conspiracies and propaganda of the enemy. Do not allow any one to commit activities under the name of a Mujahid that malign the name of Mujahideen and be cautious not to harass people on mere pretexts and baseless reports. It is a part of the enemy plan to create problems and distrust between Mujahideen and the people. Encourage all soldiers, policemen and employees in the enemy administration to leave their ranks and, instead, stand with their Mujahid people. Give warm welcome to heroic youth like Talib Hussain, Gulbuddin and Ghulam Sakhi who killed many invaders in Gereshk, Nad Ali, Badghis and Mazar Sharif and committed heroic deeds by resorting to tactical attacks. Persuade others to strike the infidel enemy by following their steps. However, be aware of intentions of your inner self as you do this and make the pleasure of the Almighty Allah as your sole goal in all your Jihadic activities.

  1. c) To Religious Scholars, Statesmen, Teachers, Writers and Poets.

You are the very caste of the society that have the capacity to portray the wants and aspirations of the people. It is your Islamic and national duty to expose the atrocities of the invaders and put them before human rights organizations and public of the world. Enlighten people on the American invasion by unveiling the realities and facts. Inform them about the overt and covert conspiracies of the enemy; explain to them the fundamentals and benefits of Islamic system; educate the new generation in a constructive way, saving them from the impact of foreign dogmas and culture; teach them unity and harmony; inform the local leaders of Jihad of the grievances of people and convey the intentions of Mujahideen to the people. You are a bridge between the Islamic Emirate and the people. So it must be. Because through such a mechanism, , all errors and mistakes should be corrected whenever they crop up. I call on you to assist the Islamic Emirate to bring about a blemish-free Jihadic and Islamic atmosphere.

  1. d) To Former Mujahideen and Employees who Work in the Kabul Administration.

In these auspicious days of Eid-ul- Fitre, I invite you once again to come and stand with your nation like other former gallant Mujahideen have , and with their help, participate in the glory of repelling the American invasion and regaining the independence. Come and ponder over the conduct of the invading Americans in the light of your conscience, sagacity and insight that what they do with your so-called elected president , members of parliament, with you and in short, with the suffering people. They call you as warlords and unscrupulous persons. You may have heard that the officials in the presidential palace directly receive payments from CIA. Then what is the rational behind your working under their command.

If you claim that you have joined the ranks of the invading Americans( under duress) because there were flaws and faults in the manner of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, then come and correct those faults yourself after joining the ranks of your Mujahideen brothers. Thus, by forming a strong cemented Jihadic rank, yourselves become a participant in the (great) task of forcing out the invading infidels. Do you think that your responsibility to defend your country and the holy religion’s rituals was only limited to Jihad against the Russians? But today, instead of resistance, you have chosen to stand with the invaders against your Muslim nation in a time that your country has been invaded by the Americans and other 48 infidel countries, harassing, debasing and threatening you and the Afghan people. Could this be the decision of your conscience and the product of your Afghan honor-loving character? Know that the Americans have come here to colonize Afghanistan and plunder its natural resources. They would never become your friends. Had there not been the fear of Mujahideen hovering over them, they would have debased you and humiliated you more than that you are now.

All those who work in the stooge Kabul Administration should hear with open ears that the invading enemy is about to leave Afghanistan due to the Jihad of the Afghan Muslim people, so before you have to face the fate of Najib, Babrak and Shah Shuja on charges of collaboration with the foreigners or in order to save yourselves from the said humiliating destiny, you should abandon the support of the invaders and join the ranks of Muajhideen by repenting of your past deeds.

If you are not able to join them, then by abandoning the support of the infidel, choose a peaceful life along with your children in your houses, taking advantage of the amnesty and security offered ( to you) by the Mujahideen. Thus save yourselves from shame in this world and the world to come.

e) Regarding the Upcoming System of the Country.

The victory of our Islamic nation over the invading infidels is now imminent and the driving force behind this is the belief in the help of Allah (SwT) and unity among ourselves. In the time to come, we will try to establish an Islamic, independent, perfect and strong system on the basis of these principles – a system with economic , security, legal, educational and judicial aspects being based on the injunctions of Islam and conducted through a consultative body joined by persons with experience, knowledge and expertise. All God-fearing, experienced and professional cadres of the Afghan society will be part and parcel of this system without any political, racial and lingual discriminations. Administrative responsibilities will be devolved on them according to their talent and honesty. We will respect the Islamic rights of all people of the country including women; will implement Sharia rules in the light of the injunctions of the sacred religion of Islam in order to efficiently maintain internal security and eradicate immorality , injustice, indecency and other vices ; will strictly observe the law of punhishement and reward and auditing in order to bring about administrative transparency in all government departments. The violators will be dealt with according to the Sharia rules.

  1. f) Regarding policy with Foreign Countries

Our upcoming system will be based on mutual interactions with neighboring, Islamic and non-Islamic countries. We want to frame our foreign policy on the principle that we will not harm others nor allow others to harm us.

Our upcoming system of government will participate in all regional and global efforts aimed at establishing peace and stability , human prosperity and economic advancement on the basis of the Islamic laws and will cooperate with regional countries in all common problems of the region like ( finding solution to ) narcotics, environment pollution, commercial and economic problems.

  1. g) To the Islamic World and the Muslim Ummah!

O Muslim Ummah!

I avail myself of this auspicious opportunity of Eid, to share with you some bitter facts. Today, some arrogant and biased countries are exerting various pressures on Muslims. Religion and culture of some Muslims is threatened while life, property, independence and sovereignty of some other Muslims are in danger. Today Muslims are victims of different discriminations and hardships. The most notorious prisons of the world are packed with Muslims where they are being tortured and humiliated and their countries are under occupation.

O Muslim Ummah!

Is the problem today facing the suffering people of Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, only their problem? Does our common Book, the Holy Quran, permit (you) to remain neutral in these circumstances? You should understand that the American plan is never limited to the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq but they want to change the whole map of the world by having invaded Afghanistan and Iraq in the heart of the Islamic World. But the Afghans, as defenders of the Islamic Ummah and destroyers of colonialist plans, have a well-known history behind. They have offered colossal sacrifices in the way of throwing out the invaders. As such, they have repelled all invasions beginning from Alexander of Macedonia to the American invasion in this 21st century. Unequivocally, these sacrifices have given victory to the Afghans and salvation to the Islamic Ummah. Therefore, Muslim brothers, not only we have a common religion, faith, values, culture and interests but also common distress, joy, friends and enemies. So come and share the grief and distress of your suffering Muslims brothers and assist them with your persons and wealth by turning to an honest policy.

  1. h) To the Coalition Forces Stationed in Afghanistan and to their People

The invading Americans have invaded Afghanistan for achievement of their interests and realization of their expansionist policy. They have allied with other 48 countries but still have failed to thwart the growing Jihad resistance of the Afghan Mujahid nation despite using their combined military, political and financial cooperation. This means the resistance being put up by this nations is a legitimate one and the invasion by the global coalition under the leadership of America is unlawful and brutal aggression. The pretexts concocted by the Americans to keep you engaged in Afghanistan are only fallacies that want to obtain their illicit interests. There is no veracity in their claims. In the past nine years, you may have come around to know the essence of the American fatuous claims, that only they want to use your power in the way of achievement of their impractical colonialist goals. It is not appropriate for you to sacrifice your sons for American ambiguous interests and defame your name in the history of nations and become criminals of war as a result of your killing and harassing the Afghan people. Each day, hundreds of innocent Afghans are martyred by the Americans; houses are destroyed and unconventional weapons which are banned on international level, are being used by them. These weapons will have negative impact on the next generations of our nation. Their use is an unforgivable crime against humanity. But your forces commit this crime against miserable people every day on the behest of the Americans. Furthermore, the Americans have imposed restrictions on independent media. Only reports palatable to America and NATO are allowed to be published. No one, neither the invaders nor their puppets address the grievances of the victims of war. They clamp down on publications of the Islamic Emirate, whether in the shape of electronic media like internet or printed materials. Hundreds of innocents Afghans have been suffering in Guantanamo and Bagram prisons for the past nine years. Even old men of 70-80 years are kept under detention in these prisons. They are constantly deprived of their legal rights and are not presented before a legal court and denied to have access to their human rights. In short, America, has taken hostage our country and people due to your assistance. Some members of the American coalition and their people have realized this reality and have started withdrawal of their forces from Afghanistan and some are intending to follow.

Our message for those countries which still want to continue their military occupation of Afghanistan, merely relying on the irrational pretexts of America, is that you should consider withdrawal of your forces from Afghanistan at your earliest.

I) To Americana Rulers and the Misinformed American People.

You tested all your might i.e. military, political and economic for the past nine years to maintain your occupation over the Afghan Islamic and independent country but you achieved nothing except a dashing defeat at the hands of the sagacious Afghan Muajhideen. Though your general worked out strategies (after strategies) and committed military surge, but still your soldiers are captured alive but your government is not ready to agree to an exchange of prisoners as in the case of the Bobragdal nor they are concerned about him as a US citizen. Even they try to perish them instead of adhering to the recognized way of exchange of prisoners as what they did in Logar with your two prisoners. Our Mujahideen constantly shoot down your advanced military and reconnaissance aircrafts and destroy your military hardware. With the passage of each day, the number of your soldiers’ dead bodies are ascending but your rulers instead of admitting their wrong policies, and seeking a rational exit, want to try the hackneyed and failed process once more as an effort to compensate for their defeats and distract your attention and that of the public of the world from their debacles. These foiled process include the formation of the tribal militias, holding the so-called consultative Jirga, usage of the words radicals and moderates for Mujahideen, holding fruitless conferences, launching black propaganda campaign against Mujahideen with the help of affiliated stooge media, giving the helms of affairs to some most hated, corruption-infested and criminal figures time and again. They guess, in this lies the solution of the problem. But with the help of Allah, (SwT) and the good Jihadic planning of Mujahideen, these ventures failed like their other military endeavors. The Afghans have still further patience to defend their country. They have added new experiences of warfare to theirs after nine-year long confrontation with your soldiers. What we want to convey to you through this message is that withdraw your soldiers from our country unconditionally and as soon as possible. This is in your interest and in the interest of your people and the best option for regional stability.

After nine years of show of muscles by you and your global military coalition, it has become clear for all the world that the policy of might and coercion has no effect on the Afghans. The subjugation of this free people as per your envisaged plans is impossible. Still if you want to make the “impossible” possible by extending your stay in Afghanistan, then, as its price, be ready to lose the sovereignty of your vast empire. You should know that your rulers have continuously told you lies since the beginning of the aggression on Afghanistan until this very day. They have wasted hundreds of billion of dollars of your tax money in the shape of financial expenditures and your man power in Afghanistan and have still been wasting them. You shall be witness to another economic melt-down. You should use your parliamentary pressures and street power to prevent your rulers from pushing you into the pit of perdition and destruction at world level. Therefore, they should abandon their headlong stubborn policy. Otherwise, the Americans will themselves face humiliation and disgrace before any one else does that.

To end, I extend my deep condolence to all those who have been affected by the recent floods and other natural disasters in Afghanistan , Pakistan and other parts of the Islamic world and ask Allah ( SwT) to lessen the sufferings of these people as a result of this gigantic trial and bestow patience on those who have been devastated by the floods.

I call on all beneficent persons to give their all-sided assistance to the affectees of the floods, to the families of martyrs, prisoners and orphans and have a conduct of mercy and grace with them in these auspicious days of joy of Eid as you usually have with your families and children.

Once again I felicitate all Muslim on this occasion of Eid and pray to Allah (SwT) to give them perseverance versus the American invasion and accept their sacrifices in His sight. I pray to Allah, the Almighty to bestow independence on all occupied countries in view of the selfless sacred sacrifices of this suffering Ummah through realization of an Islamic sovereignty. May Allah, the Almighty, accept in His Sight the offering of the Muajhideen being presented in the shape of their pure blood. Amin.


Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid

Servant of Islam


بیان تهنئة أمیر المؤمنین بمناسبة عید الفطر المبارك لعام 1431 هـ

نحمد الله الذي له الملك كله وبيده الأمر كله ـ الخالق والبارئ والمحي المميت ـ نخلص له التوحيد ، وندين بالعبودية له وحده لا شريك له ـ ونصلي ونسلم على رسوله الكريم المبعوث رحمة للعالمين ـ ونشهد بأنه بلغ الرسالة وأدى الأمانة ونصح الأمة ورفع عنها الغمة وتركها على المحجة البيضاء التي لا يزيغ عنها إلا هالك ـ فجزاه الله عنا خير ما جزى الرسول عن أمته ـ صلوات الله وسلامه عليه وعلى آله و أصحابه المصطفين الأخيار .

أمّا بعد ! إلی شعبنا المجاهد، إلی أسر الشهداء والأ سری، و إلی المجاهدین الأبطال علی درب الجهاد والاستشهاد، و إلی أسری الحرّیة في سجون الأعداء ، وإلی الأمة الإسلامیة جمعاء !

السلام علیكم ورحمة الله و بركاته

أقدّم إلیكم جمیعاً تهنئتي بحلول عید الفطر المبارك داعیا المولی عزوجل أن یتقبل منكم الصیام والقیام وجمیع تضحیاتكم فی سبیل الله تعالی . استغلالاً لهذه الفرصة المیمونة أودّ أن أتحدّث إلیكم فیها حول مواضیع معیّنة ترتبط بالجهاد القائم والأوضاع السیاسیة الراهنة فی أفغانستان، و سیاساتنا المستقبلیة لهذا البلد فی نقاط تالیة :

( الف ) إلی الشعب الأفغاني المجاهد!

إن الجهاد الجاري اليوم فی أفغانستان ضد الغزاة الأجانب وعملائهم من هذا البلد هو جهاد حق ومشروع للدفاع عن الدین والوطن الإسلامی ، وإن توسع هذه المقاومة الجهادية من يوم إلى آخر، وسرعتها ونجاحها لتدل على أن هذه مقاومة دينية وشعبية عامة ومستقلة ، حيث اقتربت الآن كثيرا إلى مرحلة النجاح النهائى بنصرة من الله سبحانه وتعالى ومن ثم بفضل تضحياتكم غير المحدودة، لذا احرصوا في هذه الأوقات الحساسة على ترك جميع الخلافات الداخلية، والمنازعات على الأراضي والمناطق، والمشاحنات القديمة، واحرصوا على توجيه جميع طاقاتكم، وتدابيركم نحو طرد المحتلين من البلاد وإعادة الاستقلال إليها؛ و قد أثبتت التجارب التاریخیة أن الغزاة المحتلین إذا واجهوا الهزیمة في البلد المحتل زرعوا فیه بذور الفتنة والخلافات والتفرق قبل أن یرحلوا عنه ، وهذا الذي یفعله الأمريكيون الآن، فانتبهوا إلی جمیع مؤامرات العدوّ سواء كانت في شكل زعزعة الثقة وإحداث الفجوة بین الشعب و المجاهدین ، أو كانت فی شكل إشعال نار الحروب الداخلیة عن طریق إیجاد الملیشیات المحلیة والقومیة المرتزقة ، وسواء كانت فی شكل إجراء الانتخابات المزعومة التی حُددت نتائجها مسبقاً من قِبَل واشنطن، أو كانت فی شكل مجالس الشوری السلام التی یجتمع فیها عدد من العملاء لذرّ الرماد فی أعین الناس، أو كانت في أيّ شكل آخر من الفتن و المؤامرات . فاجتهدوا لإفشال جمیع هذه المؤامرات كما فعلتم فیما مضی من تاریخكم من إبطال مؤامرات الأعداء، و خذوا بید من انخدع بدعایات العدوّ و مؤامراته بسبب الجهل ، أو الطمع فی المال والمكاسب، وأفهموهم ، وامنعوهم بجدّیة عن الانسیاق فی صف العدوّ.

إنني أطمئنكم أنّ لیالینا العصیبة سوف لا تمتدّ - إن شاء الله تعالی - وعمّا قریب سوف تَقرّ عیوننا بإذن الله تعالی بهزیمة العدوّ و إقامة النظام الإسلامي في البلاد ، و أن جمیع المواطنین الشرفاء سواء كانوا مهندسین أو أطبّاء أو كانوا من دارسي و مدرّسیی علوم الدین أو الدنیا ، و سواء كانوا أساتذة الجامعات أو كانوا شیوخ علوم الدین بغضّ النظر عن انتمائهم إلی أیة لغة أو قومیة ، فإنهم جمیعا سوف یعملون جنباً إلی جنب متآخين متكاتفین في حكومة إسلامیة حرّة قویة یرضونها جمیعاً إن شاء الله تعالی- (وَعَدَ اللَّهُ الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا مِنكُمْ وَعَمِلُوا الصَّالِحَاتِ لَيَسْتَخْلِفَنَّهُم فِي الأَرْضِ كَمَا اسْتَخْلَفَ الَّذِينَ مِن قَبْلِهِمْ وَلَيُمَكِّنَنَّ لَهُمْ دِينَهُمُ الَّذِي ارْتَضَى لَهُمْ وَلَيُبَدِّلَنَّهُم مِّن بَعْدِ خَوْفِهِمْ أَمْنًا يَعْبُدُونَنِي لاَ يُشْرِكُونَ بِي شَيْئًا وَمَن كَفَرَ بَعْدَ ذَلِكَ فَأُوْلَئِكَ هُمُ الْفَاسِقُونَ) { النور / 55 }

( ب ) إخواننا المجاهدون !

إنّكم استطعتم بفضل الله تعالی ثم بعزمكم القویّ وعقیدتكم الراسخة أن تبطلوا مؤامرات الكفر العالمي، و بسبب ثباتكم و استقامتكم علی طریق الحق نصركم الله تعالی علی جمیع الغزاة المعتدین و أبطل الله تعالی بجهادكم و تضحیاتكم الصادقة هیبة العدوّ الظالم ورعبه من صدوركم . و هاهي أمریكا باتت في العالم تواجه الذلّ والعار والكراهیة من الجمیع، إننا نشاهد الیوم أنه بقدر ما تزدادون غلبة علی العدوّ تتصدع صفوف أعدائكم و تهترئ أنظمته ، و أن الخبراء العسكريين الذین كانوا بالأمس یضعون الإستراتیجیات الحربیة أو لا زالوا یضعونها فإنهم بأنفسهم أمسوا یعترفون بفشل إستراتیجیاتهم العسكریة و القتالیة ، و أن الجنرالات الذین كانوا قد جاءوا لقیادة الحرب كقادة من ذوي التجارب والتخصصات الحربیة العالیة فإنهم الیوم یُطردون من میدان المعركة بكل خزي و مهانة، و یلقبون بأرذل الألقاب و أخسّها .

أمّا حلفاء أمریكا الذین جاءوا تحت مظلتها لاحتلال أفغانستان فإنها الیوم بسبب الخسائر الكبیرة في المعركة وانجرارهم إلی معركة لیس لهم من روائها من طائل أصبحوا الیوم تحت ضغوط شعوبها، و بدأوا یبحثون لهم عن مهرب بكل توّتر واضطراب .

فیا إخواني المجاهدین ! إن كنتم ترغبون في مزید من النصر ، فأصلحوا أعمالكم ، و احترموا أهداف جهادكم ، ولا تتوانوا عن تقدیم الخدمة الشاملة لشعبكم الأبيّ المنكوب. و شدّدوا من أواصر الوحدة و الأخوّة فیما بینكم ، ولا تسمحوا لأحد أن یزرع الفرقة و الخلاف في صفوفكم ، و أن یُضیّع أوقاتكم وجهودكم الفكریة في الكید من بعضكم لبعض .

و وجّهَوا جميع مساعیكم لخدمة الشؤون الجهادیة ، والدفاع عن الدین والوطن، و توجیه الضربات الممیتة للعدوّ ، و ركزوا علی خدمة شعبكم المظلوم والحفاظ علی مصالحه .

انتبهوا بجدّیة تامّة للحفاظ علی أرواح الناس وأموالهم ، و لا تتركوا الفجوة بینكم و بین أفراد الشعب.

واحترموا الصالحین من المجاهدین القدامى ، و طبقوا بكل ما أوتیتم من وسع وقوة اللائحة التي صدرت لكم لتسیروا تنظیم الشؤون الجهادیة ، وانتهجوا في قتالكم للعدوّ أنجح الطرق والأسالیب وأكثرها جدّة وتعقیداً ، ولیكن اهتمامكم كبیراً بالحفاظ علی أرواح المجاهدین ، و طاعة المسؤولین ، و تسییر الأمور بالتشاور والتناصح، وحاولوا أن تبطلوا مخططات العدوّ الجدیدة وإشاعاته الماكرة قبل أن تعطي مفعولها، ولا تسمحوا لأحد كائنا من كان للقیام بالأعمال و التصرفات التي تسيء إلی سمعة المجاهدین، واحذروا من أن یتضرر منكم عامة الناس بناءً علی التقاریر والمعلومات الكاذبة التي تصلكم ، لأن من مخططات العدوّ أن تحدث بینكم و بین عامة الناس الفجوة ، والمشاكل ، وأن تتزعزع بینكم الثقة القائمة .

رغّبوا جنود العدو وشرطته والأفراد الآخرین في صفوفه إلی ترك صفوف العدوّ ، والوقوف إلی جانب شعبهم المؤمن، وشوّقوهم للقیام بما قام به الشباب من أمثال ( طالب حسین ) و ( قلب الدین ) و ( غلام سخي ) والأبطال الذین قاموا بقتل عدد من الغزاة المحتلین من داخل صفوف العدوّ في (جرشك ) و( نادعلي ) و ( بادغیس ) و ( مزارشریف ). احتضنوا أمثال هؤلاء من الأبطال وافتحوا لهم صدوركم، واستفیدوا من أمثالهم للضرب في داخل صفوف العدوّ، ولا تنسوا إصلاح النیّات في جمیع ما تفعلونه، ولیكن رضا الله تعالی نصب أعینكم في جمیع شؤونكم الجهادیة .

( ج ) إلی العلماء ، والساسة ، والأساتذة والكتّاب والشعراء !

أیها الأكارم ! إنكم اللسان الناطق لمطالب الشعب وآماله ، و من مسؤلیاتكم الإسلامیة والوطنیة أن ترفعوا الستار عن جرائم المعتدّین ، و أن تقدّموها أمام العالم ، وأن تضعوها مكشوفة أمام ما یسمی بمؤسسات حقوق الإنسان، نوّروا أذهان الناس ببیان الحق ضد الظلم الأمریكيّ وعدوانه، وأخبروهم عن المخططات السرّیة والعلنیة للعدوّ، ووضّحوا للناس مصالح نظام الإسلام ومزایاه، وقوموا بدوركم في تربیة الجیل الجدید علی نهج سلیم ، واحفظوه من العقائد الأجنبیة الدخیلة وآثار الفتن الواردة ، ولقّنوه دروس الوحدة والوفاق، و قوموا بإبلاغ الرسالة المتبادلة بین الشعب ومسؤولي المجاهدین، لأنكم بمثابة جسر بین الشعب والمسؤلین ، فلتكونوا كما یراد منكم حتى تنجبر كل الكسور، و تزول جمیع النقائص قبل أن یتفاقم خطرها، إنني أناشدكم جمیعا أن تكونوا ید عون للإمارة الإسلامیة في إیجاد بیئة إسلامیة وجهادیة سلیمة .

( د ) إلی المجاهدین القدامى وجمیع الموظفین في إدارة كابل .

إننا في هذه الأیام المباركة نوجّه إلیكم الدعوة مرّة أخری لتشتركوا مثل بقیة المجاهدین القدامى الأبطال في مفخرة صدّ العدوان الأمریكي وتحریر البلد منهم بالوقوف إلی جانب شعبكم المسلم، تعالوا وانظروا بنظر البصر والبصیرة في ضوء التعقّل والدرایة المعاملة التي یعامل بها الأمریكیون رئیسكم (الدمیة) وأعضاء مجلس شعبكم المزعوم، والتي تلقونها أنتم بأنفسكم أیضاً والشعب الأفغاني بأجمعه، إنهم یسّمونكم مجرمي الحرب تارة، والأشخاص اللامسؤلین تارة أخری .

لقد سمعتم جمیعا أن معظم رجال القصر یتقاضون مباشرة راتب العمالة من C.I.A ، فكیف تسمح لكم ضمائركم أن تعملوا تحت قیادتهم .

فإن كنتم تعتبرون مجوّز وقوفكم في صف الأمریكیین بعض النقائص لدی المجاهدین ( الإمارة الإسلامیة ) فاتركوا مناصرة الأمریكیین ، و تعالوا و اعملوا لإزالة تلك النقائص بالوقوف الصادق إلی جانب إخوانكم المجاهدین ، و ساهموا في طرد الكفار المعتدین ببناء الصف الجهادي المرصوص.

هل انتهت مسؤلیتكم في الدفاع عن الدین و الوطن بالجهاد ضد الروس فقط ؟ أمّا الیوم و قد أعدت أمریكا علی البلد ومعها 48 دولة كافرة أخری و یذیقونكم أنتم والشعب الأفغاني كله الذلّ والمهانة والتعذیب، فإنكم بدل أن تقوموا بمقاومة الغزاة المعتدین فقد وقفتم علی العكس في صفوف المعتدین مناصرین لهم ضد شعبكم المؤمن ، أهذا الذي ترضاه نخوتكم الأفغانیة، ویحكم به ضمیركم؟

اعلموا جیداً أن الغزاة الأمریكیین ماجاءوا إلاّ لاحتلال البلد وسرقة خیراته وثرواته الطبیعة وإنهم لن یكونوا لكم أصدقاء، فإن لم یلحقهم الخوف من المجاهدین لعاملوكم بأسوأ مما تلاقونه من معاملة الذلّ والهوان .

ولیسمع جمیع العاملین في إدارة ( كابل ) العمیلة بأذان القلب! أن البساط مسحوب من تحت أقدام المحتلین بفضل الله تعالی وثمّ بجهاد الشعب الأفغاني المؤمن . فقبل أن یحاكموا مثل (نجیب ) و ( بابرك ) و ( شاه شجاع ) من قبل شعبهم بجریمة خیانة الوقوف في صف الأعداء ، و یلقوا نفس المصیر، یجب علیهم من الآن أن یتركوا مناصرة الغزاة المعتدین ، و أن یُظهروا ندمهم بالوقوف الصادق مع المجاهدین. فإن كانوا لایجدون فی أنفسهم همة الوقوف مع المجاهدین فلیستغلّوا عفو المجاهدین بالجلوس الآمن مع ذویهم وأولادهم في بیوتهم . و لیحفظوا أنفسهم بذلك من خزي الدنیا و الآخرة .

حول النظام المستقّبلي :

إن انتصار شعبنا المؤمن علی الغزاة الكافرین أصبح أمراً محتوما بإذن الله تعالی، والعامل الأساسي في هذا النصر هو الإیمان بنصر الله تعالی والحفاظ علی وحدة الصف، فإننا نسعى بناءً علی هذه الأسس لإقامة النظام الإسلامي الحرّ السلیم والقوي الذي تُسیَّر شؤونه في جمیع أبعاده الاقتصادیة ، والحقوقیة، والعدلیة وغیرها وفق الشریعة الإسلامیة من قِبَل أناس من أهل الخبرة والعلم والاختصاص في إطار آلیة وتنظیم یسوده الشوری، وسوف یحتضن ذلك النظام الكوادر الصالحة من أفراد المجتمع الأفغاني، من أهل الخبرة والتجربة والاختصاص بغضّ النظر عن انتماءاتهم السیاسیة والقومیة أو اللسانیة ، وستفوَّض إلیهم المسؤولیات الإداریة في ضوء التدیّن والصدق والكفاءة.

وستحترم الحقوق الشرعیة لجمع فئات الشعب بما فیها حقوق المرأة الشرعیة، و لكی یتوفّر الأمن في المجتمع و یتم القضاء علی الفساد الخلقي و الظلم و الفحشاء وبقیّة المنكرات ستطبق الحدود الشرعیة في ضوء التعالیم الإسلامیة السمحة ، وسینفذ قانون المحاسبة والمجازات والمكافاة بكل جدّیة في جمیع الإدارات الحكومیة بقصد إیجاد الشفافیة الإداریة فیها، وسیُتعامل مع المجرمین والناقضین لهذه القوانین وفق أحكام الشریعة الإسلامیة .

( و ) حول السیاسة الخارجیة والعلاقات المتبادلة :

إن سیاستنا الخارجیة المستقبلیة حیال الدول المجاورة والدول الإسلامیة وغیر الإسلامیة ستقوم علی أساس التعامل المتقابل .

إننا سنبني سیاستنا الخارجیة علی أصل دفع ضرر الغیر وعدم إضرار الآخرين، وسیساهم نظامنا المستقبلي وفق المقررات الشرعیة في جمیع الجهود التي تبذل في المنطقة والعالم بقصد إحلال السلام وإيجاد الرفاهیة الإنسانیة ، والتنمیة الاقتصادیة.

وسیساعد نظامنا دول المنطقة في القضاء علی المشاكل الإقليمية مثل مشكلة المخدارت ، والتلوث البیئي ، والمشاكل التجاریة والاقتصادیة .

( ز ) إلی العالم الإسلامي والأمة المسلمة :

أیتها الأمة المسلمة !

أحب أن أستغلّ هذه المناسبة المباركة في التذكیر ببعض الحقائق المرّة وهي : أن المسلمین الیوم یعیشون في أنواع من الضغوط من قبل بعض الدول المتعصّبة ، فمنهم من یُهَدّدُ في دینه وثقافته، و منهم من یواجه الأخطار في حیاته ، و ماله ، و حرّیته الوطنیة. إن المسلمین الیوم یعانون من أنواع العذاب وعنصریة الأعداء في العالم بسبب إسلامهم ، تحتل بلادهم و تُملأ منهم أسوأ أنواع السجون لتعذیبهم والنیل من كرامتهم .

أمّتنا الإسلامیة !

إن المحنة التي یواجهها الیوم شعوب أفغانستان و العراق و فلسطین هل هي مشكلة تخص هذه البلاد فقط؟ هل یسمح لنا قرآننا بالسكوت و عدم التحرك حیال هذا المحن ؟

اعلموا جیداً أن خطّة أمریكا لا تنحصر في احتلال أفغانستان و العراق فقط ، بل یسعون لتغییر الخارطة السیاسیة للمنطقة في قلب العالم الإسلامي من خلال السیطرة علی أفغانستان و العراق . ولكن الشعب الأفغاني الأبيّ عرفَ علی مرّ الزمن في التاریخ بمن دافع عن الأمة الإسلامیة وأبطل المخططات الاستعماریة للأعداء، وله تاریخ حافل في تقدیم التضحیات العظیمة في طرد المعتدین بدءاً من الاسكندر المقدوني إلی العدوان الأمریكي في القرن الحادي و العشرین. و كانت هذه التضحیات بفضل الله تعالی سبباً في الانتصار علی الأعداء و إنقاذ الأمّة الإسلامیة .

فیا إخواننا المسلمون ! كما أننا نشترك في الدین والعقیدة والقیم والثقافة والمصالح ، فلنشترك كذلك في الآلام و الآمال و الأفراح و الهموم و الموالاة والمعاداة . فتعالوا و ساهموا في التخفیف من آلام إخوانكم المسلمین بالنفس ، و المال ، و ساعدوهم باتّخاذ السیاسات المخلصة تجاههم .

( ح ) إلی حلفاء أمریكا في أفغانستان وشعوبها :

إن هجوم الأمریكیین الغاصبین علی أفغانستان هو عدوان بقصد تحقیق مصالحهم الخاصّة، و تنفیذ سیاساتهم الإمبريالية ، و قد أدخلوا معهم 48 دولة في حلفهم العدواني ، ولكنهم جمیعاً و مع إمكانیاتهم العسكریة و السیاسیة و المالیة و المناصرة العالمیة لهم عجزوا عن القضاء علی جهاد شعبنا الأخذ في التصاعد. إن هذا یدلّ علی أنّ جهاد شعبنا هو جهاد حق ومقاومة مشروعة، وأنّ هجوم الأمریكیین وحلفائهم هو عدوان همجي جائر .

إن الحجج التی تنحتها أمریكا لتوریطكم في هذه الورطة هي في الحقیقة حِیَل خبیثة تتمسك بها للحصول علی المكاسب الغیر مشروعة ، و لیست لها أیة حقیقة و لقد اتّضح لكم طوال السنوات التسعة الماضیة ماهیة الإدّعاءات الأمریكیة الكاذبة ، و ظهر لكم جلیا كیف أنهم یستغلّون قوّتكم لتحقیق أهدافهم الاستعماریة الخاسرة، فلا ینبغي لكم أن تضحّوا بأبنائكم في سبیل تحقیق المصالح الأمریكیة الغامضة بقتل الشعب الأفغاني الأعزل البريء ، و أن تسطروا بذلك في تاریخكم صفحات العار، و تندرجوا في سلك مجرمي الحرب، لأنهم یقتلون یومیا مئات الأبریاء، و یهدمون عشرات البیوت، و یستخدمون ضدهم الأسلحة الممنوع استعمالها عالمیاً، والتي ستكون لها آثار سلبیة للمدى الطویل علی صحة الأجیال المقبلة لشعبنا في المستقبل .

إن استعمال هذا النوع من الأسلحة جریمة ضد الإنسانیة لا تُغتفر، ولكن جنودكم یستخدمونها یومیا بأمر من الأمریكیین ضد السكان الأبریاء العزّل .

و إلی جانب آخر یفرض الأمریكیون الخطر علی الإعلام المحاید، ولا یسمحون بنشر المعلومات إلاّ التي ترید نشرها قوّات أمریكا و ( الناتو )، و لیست هناك أذن صاغیة لشكاوي المتضررين من الأهالي الأبریاء ، لا من الغزاة المعتدین ولا من عملائهم من أهل البلد . إنهم یفرضون الحصار علی إعلام الإمارة الإسلامیة في الإنترنت و الصحافة المطبوعة .

وهناك عدد كبیر من أفراد شعبنا الأبریاء في السجون الأمريكية مثل سجن ( غوانتانامو) و معتقل (باغرام ) الرهیب، و یعانون فیها من أنواع التعذیب و الهوان، و فیهم من الشیوخ و الكهلة من یفوق عمره ثمانین سنة . لا هم یُعامَلون معاملة قانونیة ، ولا هم یُقدَّمون للمحاكم ، و قد حرموا من جمیع الحقوق الإنسانیة . و ملخّص القول فی هذا المجال هو أن أمریكا بمساعدتكم احتلّت بلادنا، و احتجزت شعبنا ، و قد أدركت هذه الحقیقة مؤخراً بعض أعضاء التحالف الأمریكي وشعوبها ، و لذلك بدأت بعضها بسحب قواتها ، و بعضها الأخری في سعي للانسحاب، ورسالتنا للدول التي لازالت تواصل احتلالها العسكري لبلدنا مقتنعة بالحیل والحجج الأمریكیة الكاذبة هي : أن تفكر بشكل فوري في طرق سحب قواتها من أفغانستان ، و أن تخرج من هذا البلد .

( ط ) إلی المسؤولین الأمریكیین و شعبهم المخدوع !

لقد جرّبتم خلال السنوات التسعة الماضیة كل قوتكم العسكریة ، والسیاسیة، والاقتصادیة للسیطرة علی بلدنا الإسلامي الحرّ ، ولكنكم لم تجنوا سوی الهزیمة المطلقة بید المجاهدین الأفغان الذین یتمتعون بالخبرة والتدبیر، إننا نشاهد أن جنودكم الیوم یقعون في أسر المجاهدین مثل جندیكم ( بوبرغ دال) الذي لا هو تُبدي حكومتكم أيّ استعداد لمبادلته ، ولا هي تهتم به كمواطن أمریكي ، أو مثل اثنین من جنودكم الذین وقعا في أسر المجاهدین في ولایة ( لوكر ) فبدل أن تفكر حكومتكم في إطلاق سراحه من یدل المجاهدین بالطرق السلمیة المعروفة سعت فی إیجاد أوضاع جرّتهما إلی القتل.

وإلی جانب آخر فإن أرقی أنواع طائراتكم الاستكشافیة والتجسسیة بدأت تسقط بنیران المجاهدین، و تتحطم معدّاتكم الحربیة ، و یزداد عدد قتلاكم مع مرور كل یوم، فبدل أن یعترف قادتكم بالجرأة بخطأ سیاساتهم، و یفكروا في حلّ معقول للمشاكل يلجئون لجبر هزائمهم العسكریة و صرف أنظاركم وأنظار الناس عنها إلی تطبیق مشاریع وسیاسات فاشلة أخری بشكل مّكرر مثل إیجاد الملیشیات القومیة ، أو عقد اجتماعات الشورى المزعومة ، أو التسلي باستخدام التسمیات الجوفاء للمجاهدین وتقسیمهم بزعمهم إلی الأصولیین و المعتدلین، أو عقد المؤتمرات التي لا فائدة منها ، أو إطلاق حملة إعلامیة واسعة ضد المجاهدین عن طریق الإعلام و الصحافة ، أو وضع الجناة و المجرمین و المفسدین في المناصب الحكومیة الهامّة بشكل متكرر.

إنهم اعتبروا كل هذه الإجراءات حلاً للقضیة ، و لكنها جمیعاً بفضل الله تعالی ثم ببركة التدبیر الجهادي للمجاهدین باءت بالفشل مثل فشلهم في الجهود العسكریة .

إن الأفغان یتمتعون بعزم وصبر قویین في سبیل الدفاع عن بلدهم و قد ازدادت تجاربهم العسكریة والقتالیة من خلال قتالهم لجنود كم خلال تسع سنوات من الحرب ضد كم .

إن الرسالة التي نرید إبلاغها لكم بهذا البیان هي: أخرجوا جمیع قواتكم من هذا البلد في أقرب فرصة ممكنة دون أي قید أو شرط، لأن خروجكم هو وحده یؤمن مصلحتكم ومصلحة شعبكم وهو أفضل طریق لإحلال الأمن و السلام في المنطقة .

إن حربكم و حرب حلفائكم خلال السنوات التسعة الماضیة أثبتت للعالم أن منطق القوة قد فقد تأثیره ضد الشعب الأفغاني ، و أن خططكم التي وضعتموها لتسخیر هذا العشب أصبح تطبیقها من المحال ، و إن كنتم لا زلتم تصرّون علی جعل هذا المحال ممكنا فإنكم ستدفعون قیمة هذا الإصرار من حكمكم و إمبراطوريتكم الواسعة .

أیها الشعب الأمریكی المخدوع ! اعلموا أن حكامكم یكذبونكم بشكل مستمرّ من الیوم الأول من حربهم في أفغانستان حتی الیوم. إنهم ضیّعوا الملیارات من دولارات ضرائبكم وقوتكم البشرية في أفغانستان فیما لا ینفعكم شیئاً، و لا زالوا یضیّعونها، و ستواجهون مزیداً من الأزمات الاقتصادیة ، فیجب علیكم أن تُلجئوا حكامكم من خلال الضغوط البرلمانیة وغیرها أن یتوقفوا من دفع شعبكم إلی هاویة الهلاك علی المستوی العالمي ، و أن یستنكفوا عن سیاسة الهمجیة وإعمال القوّة، و إلاّ سیواجه الشعب الأمریكي الخزي والذلّ قبل غیره .

وفي الأخیر أقدّم التعزیة لجمیع متضرري السیول و الفیضانات و الآفات الطبیعیة في أفغانستان و باكستان و أماكن آخری من العالم الإسلامي، و أدعو الله تعالی أن یخفف عنا جمیع مصائب هذا الابتلاء العظیم ، وأن یرزق المتضررین الصبر والسلوان و قوة التحمّل، و أوجّه الدعوة إلی الموسرین و أهل الخیر أن یمدّوا ید العون إلی المتضررین و أسر الشهداء في سبیل الله تعالی ، و عائلات الأسری، و الأیتام . و آن یواسوا بالرحمة والشفقة أولاد هذه الأسر المنكوبة مثل أولادهم أنفسهم .

و في الختام أهنّئ جمیع المسلمین مرّة أخری بحلول عید الفطر المبارك ، و أسأل الله تعالی أن یرزقهم التوفیق و الثبات في الجهاد ضد الأمریكان المعتدین ، و أن یتقبل منهم تضحیاتهم في سبیله . و أرجو المولی عزّ وجلّ أن یمنّ علی أمة الإسلام بتحریر جمیع البلاد المحتلة و إقامة حكم الإسلام فیها، و أن یتقبّل من المجاهدین تضحیّاتهم و دمائهم الزكیة .

والسلام علیكم ورحمة الله و بركاته .

خادم الإسلام أمیر المؤمنین الملاّ محمد عمر ( المجاهد )

8/9/2010 – 29/9/1431