Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jalaluddin Haqqani: A Legend in the History of the Afghanistan Jihad? (Part I)

UPDATE (April 16): Read Part II of the translation in a new post HERE.

Embedded below is an English translation (by cyber jihadi ابو حطين, with proofreading by cyber jihadi Abu Fatima) of an interesting article on Jalaluddin Haqqani, a major Afghan insurgent-jihadi leader, from the February 2010 issue of the Afghanistan Taliban's Internet magazine, Al-Samood, which I mentioned in a previous post.

Jalal Al-Din Haqqani, A Legend in the History of the Afghanistan Jihad


Christina said...

I had already read this, but I didn't know what that publication was. [They should have a commentary line in English for anyone brave enough to comment there!]

This was a very nice story, and shows the true character of the man billed as a Most Wanted "Terrorist".

If one looks back, the dramatic reversal in US attitude toward Maulavi Jelaluddin reveals hypocrisy.

First he's a hero when he fights the Soviets. Then when he assertively refuses to be co-opted by Americans upon invasion of -HIS- country, they try to kill him less than three weeks later!
And then never ceases trying, slaughtering in the process hundreds, maybe a thousand innocent Afghans who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Isn't it a little strange, casting suspicion on American motives in occupying Afghanistan and ruthlessly tearing it apart for very greedy and selfish gain?

Even this unflattering photo of Maulavi Jelaluddin shows the dynamics at work. There are so many better photos, but this is one of the most commonly employed. The idea is make him look as much of a villian as possible. In fact, he has a noble look with very unusual eyes.

I have published some better photos of him. Among other places, in a U.S. military magazine to illustrate a comparison I wrote of the guerrilla tactics used by Jelaluddin and Ahmad Shah Massoud against the Soviets.

The idea is to make it easy for Americans to reflexively hate Jelaluddin without knowing a thing about his background or character. Those are shown beautifully in the memoir here.

For I also visited Jelaluddin's markaz [military base or center] in Sarana, a few years later than this story, so it brought back happy memories for me of the righteous and determined atmosphere prevailing in their fight against the Communist regime. Nobody was frightened in the least, the way any Westerners would have been had the Soviets landed 100,000 troops and taken over Washington D.C. with a coup....the Afghan people deserve sincere praise for their valor and deep religious faith. And Maulavi Jelaluddin was one of the best examples.

I interviewed him several times over the years, both when I arrived at Sarana and at the actual locations of battles he was waging successfully.

This was a very special soul. One must say the truth, not toe the current U.S. party line - [ever!]

Today such assessments are ridiculed to high heaven. Or is it Hell?!

But look closer. In three weeks Jelaluddin was artificially transformed by the official American propaganda line. From lauded veteran of the struggle against the Red Army's occupation he became pariah and enemy. Why was this? Why did the gratitude for his efforts, all backed by the US, Saudi Arabia and others for about a decade, evaporate overnight?

The U.S. official & media machine have resorted to a campaign of defamation against him and anyone who won't sign over his country immediately to a foreign power [the U.S. of course] upon request!
Would we American citizens surrender with big smiles like we seem to expect all oil-rich or strategic Middle Eastern and South Asian countries to do, if it were the Chinese invading us and demanding to control us from then on?-!

The U.S. should treat other peoples kindly and fairly, especially the Afghans who have suffered already so much injustly at the hands of the Soviets.

Instead, it seems American policymakers perceived a vacuum of power after the departure of the Red Army and belatedly decided to rush in to capitalize, using 'terrorism' as the thinnest of excuses.

The U.S., badgering Western allies to join in in order to camouflage the illogicality of a military attack on Afghanistan, has employed a cruel, warped way of trying to dictate to and dominate those like Maulavi Jelaluddin who refuse to be dominated.

Elsewhere, brute force and underhanded tactics are employed by more powerful countries when smaller - and especially religious - peoples resist domination.

Christina said...

Interview of the head of Al-Samood appeared yesterday in the UK Independent:

Christina said...

Interview of the head of Al-Samood appeared yesterday in the UK Independent:

إبن الصقلي said...

Thanks for sharing this! The one quibble I have with Fisk is that the magazine (Al-Samood) isn't really new. It's interesting to see its evolution from a newsletter to a full magazine.

Christina said...

You should be interviewed next time to add such useful perspective!
These journalists don't keep an eye on the various media of the groups the way you do!

Some interesting back articles I want to catch up on.
I didn't know about that Hakimullah Mehsud video.
Interesting how NO ONE in Western conventional media reported it - ?
Is it valid, the video?

I never believed he was killed, perhaps wounded. Aha!

إبن الصقلي said...

Thanks very much for your kind words.

I saw some minor references to it. Some noted that there doesn't seem to be a way to verify when the video was made. However, I haven't seen any solid proof that Hakimullah was killed, as the Pakistani government/military has claimed, and of course they've claimed he was "dead" before.