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An Everyday "Hero": Omar Hammami (Abu Mansur al-Amriki) of Harakat al-Shabab al-Mujahideen in Somalia as Example

Hafiz Rashid, a journalist friend, and Alexander at The Ruh of Brown Folks both pointed out this very interesting profile story about Omar Hammami, the Alabama native who is now known by his jihadi nom de guerre, Abu Mansur al-Amriki (Abu Mansoor al-Amriki). From the everyday sports-loving boy, son of a Christian mother and Muslim father, who chose to become a Muslim as a young man, Hammami underwent a radicalization process (how and why exactly, we do not know) and is now a commander in Harakat al-Shabab al-Mujahideen [Movement of Warrior-Youth], the preeminent jihadi-takfiri insurgent group in Somalia.

Hammami is the most famous foreigner to have joined the group. The article, published in The New York Times Magazine, provides a fascinating look at Hammami's interaction with his sister, with whom is was and apparently still is close, even after he joined Harakat al-Shabab and had been mentored, it seems, by Salah 'Ali Salah al-Nabhani, the Al-Qa'ida Central (AQC) leader in East Africa who was assassinated by the United States military in September 2009.

"The Leader-Warrior [one who strives], Abu Mansur al-Amriki, may God protect him;" still from the video Ambush at Bardale (Bar-da-lee), referenced in the magazine article.

In an interesting commentary by a cyber jihadi, Hammami is called an "everyday hero" and is held up as an example for "all Muslims" as an individual who overcame adversity and is now fighting for "his brothers." He has become perhaps the most important "Western" totem for the jihadi-takfiri movement, more so than the oafish Adam Gadahn or the uninspiring Bekkay Harrach.

In short, Hammami is held up as an example for the Ummah [(Muslim) nation] to follow, an example of a "true mujahid" [warrior of faith] who has emigrated from the lands of kufr [unbelief] to the lands of jihad [struggle] and ribat [loosely, lands of "guardianship" or Muslim lands that require protection]. The essayist writes, "Our Amir [leader] Abu Mansour Al Amriki (HA) has made his choice.We are left behind to make ours." The "HA" is short for hafidh-hu Allah, "God protect him."

Hammami, the essayist writes, has abandoned his life of comfort to adopt, essentially, a life of warrior asceticism of sorts. This is the purist example, they write, for the Ummah, which is afflicted with apathy and weakness. Hammami is the epitome of the brave "hero" who has risen in defense of his brothers and sisters who are living under oppression, shaking off the oppression of both his mental and physical being, the essayist argues.

The commentary, reproduced without edits, is reproduced below. The article makes reference to the magazine article, so I recommend reading it before the commentary essay below.

"The day we [go out] and raid/attack them is the day they will not raid/attack us," calling for a strategy of "pre-emptive attack." Pathways out of Somalia are shown going around the globe, noting Harakat al-Shabab's endorsement, at least in principle, of transnational jihadi-Salafi activism.

An Everyday Hero-Abu Mansour al Amriki(HA)

On the 27th of January,2010,New York Times published some sort a of short biography of Commander Abu Mansour Al Amriki(HA). Though the reporter tried a lot to make the presentation as biased as possible, it eventually has ended up as one of the most inspiring insight into the life of a man who in such a short time has earned so much of our respect.

The kuffar tried to denigrate him,but instead that 11 page article has been meaning a lot to me. I mean,if u can filter the facts from the propaganda, which by now most of us can do a lot adroitly,this is nothing but the life that most of us live, but only a few of us make the right decision at the right time. Most of us fail to muster enough courage to even say that Israel doesn’t have a right to exist. Many of us do not have the courage to even say to our girlfriends they need to cover up. And here is a man,very similar to what we face daily,took it head on, and he was very much fighting a Jihad even before coming to Somalia, the Jihad of confronting the kuffar with the tongue and everyday lifestyle.

He is also a carbon based life form, a human like us,but he made the difference by using the courage that Allaah azza wa zall has bestowed all of us with. Believe me, its true that the hero mujahid fighting in the streets of Beledweyne, Fallujah has much more honor than any of us sitting behind computer screens,but…….if we at least make the effort to help in this fight, by money, by other resources, even trying to get to the field,that would also mean something..Even if in that process, we are detained by the kuffar, we would have at least tried.

This son of the Ummah had to fight everyday to be even a Muslim. The psychological indoctrination attempts by her kaffir mother, growing up in the the very Nasara heartland of all of North America, the most vile and Islamophobic Republican political culture surrounding him, half naked women and all those booze in those countless bars; all this evilness around him, but he grew up to be a mujahid, even though he didn’t regularly pray in an actual Masjid until he was in his mid teens ! His father,which by the looks of it seemed to be following Madkhaliyah, rather than the teachings of the Salaf us Saliheen, was such a an intolerant conformist, that he actually shoved his son outside the house,because Amir Abu Mansour (HA) didn’t allow to take his picture. I mean,this is of course common in mainstream American households, leading to this present 100% disconnected state of society, but did he forget the very philosophy of a Muslim family? Even though he started a congregation? I sometimes see those brothers I see coming in US and Europe for job prospects, and I wanna ask, is it really worth it? When you lose, so much. just for a lavish lifestyle? I really fail to, likewise, understand the craze in Turkish society to be a part of EU, shouldn’t they think of what they are loosing? So much of the soul lost for what? Burgers,vodka and caviar? I feel the only reason Muslims should come in EU and North America, is to carry out the duties of Jihad.Anyway.if we look carefully into the NYT report, we would come to know how much is lost, and just contrast that to the soul and family bondings that the Ummah even now cherishes in Asia and Africa.

On reading about his-ex girlfriend’s statement that “his eyes looked dead”, I couldn’t stop thinking about how imbecile this woman is. True,how you see a person lies in the eye of the beholder. But still ,I am stunned by the sheer audacity of a woman, who is a proud citizen of a society in which parents rape their own kids and sell that kiddie porno, to say such a thing about a man who left everything for his Lord,and is ready to give up even that for Him. Whose soul is more alive? That woamn’s or this courageous lion of the Ummah’s? You know the answer.This is something we shouldn’t miss to point out. US a is country that lets convicted pedophiles out on the streets with laughable sentences,that celebrates pedophile artists like Michael Jackson as an American “icon”, a society that thrives on exploitaition of its own weaker citizens, that is increasingly allowing people from opposite genders to marry, a society that is even more rotten than perhaps Sodom and Gomorrah was in their worst period. And people like this woman, and so many countless propagandists talk about this American dream. Well,even nightmares are much less worser.

Our Amir Abu Mansour Al Amriki(HA) has made his choice. We are left behind to make ours.

Nahnu Jundullahi dawman

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