Monday, February 01, 2010

English Translation: Advice & Compassion in Speaking about the Market Bombings in Peshawar, by Al-Qa'ida Central's Shaykh 'Attiyatullah (Attiyatallah)

"God, Protect Your Soldiers, the Mujahideen [Warriors of Faith, "Ones who Strive"] in the Caliphate of Pakistan."

The Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF), a shadowy transnational jihadi-takfiri media outlet, has released a translation of an Al-Qa'ida Central (AQC) senior ideologue's recent short essay about the market bombings that have wracked Peshawar, Pakistan for the past four months. Shaykh 'Attiyatullah ('Attiyatallah), whose real identity remains unknown and debated among analysts, has produced a number of written materials for AQC. The original Arabic essay was released on January 21 and is available HERE.

Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and AQC have both denied responsibility for many of the bombings in Pashtun areas of Pakistan that have caused large numbers of civilian deaths. An audio message from Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, AQC's general commander in Afghanistan, was released on November 11, 2009 blaming these bombings on the United States-based mercenary and military contractor company Blackwater/Xe, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, and the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (P-ISI). TTP's senior spokesman, 'Azzam Tariq, repeated a similar line in a video release on November 15, which like Abu'l Yazid's audio statement, was produced by AQC's media wing, the Al-Sahab [The Clouds] Media Foundation. An Urdu-language monograph was also produced, entitled Blackwater: The Army of the Anti-Christ. I have written in some detail about this releases in a previous POST.

Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan's senior spokesman, 'Azzam Tariq (left), with the "commander of Mehsud tribal forces" Wali al-Rahman (Waliur) Mehsud.

'Attiyatullah's essay is the latest in this line of material which is trying to shift blame to AQC's and TTP's enemies. It follows an oafish video release, produced by Al-Sahab, from the American AQC spokesman Adam Gadahn, known by his nom de guerre, 'Azzam al-Amriki [The American], which was released in December 2009. In the video, Gadahn, who fumbles several times trying to read his script, which he delivers in a excruciatingly deadpan, uninspiring way, denies that AQC or "the mujahideen" were behind the spate of deadly terrorist attacks on Pakistani Pashtun civilians. The video is rather gallingly entitled, "The Mujahideen Do Not Target Muslims," which only lacks the virtue of being true.

The Guru, Adam Gadahn...Al Qa'ida Central's oafish American Spokesman


Adam Gadahn's School of Public Speaking (consider studying rhetoric, O' 'Azzam al-Amriki)

Advice & Compassion in Speaking about the Market Bombings (Shaykh 'Attiyatullah)
Shaykh 'Attiyattullah, Essay on Peshawar Bombings


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