Friday, December 04, 2009

Switzerland Minaret Ban Vote: An Artistic Response from Cyber Jihadis

TOP: "There is no god but [the One] God, and Muhammad is His Messenger"
BOTTOM: "One bomb [means] one less racist"

Switzerland's recent vote on banning minarets, which passed with 57% support among voters amidst a xenophobic ultra-nationalist political campaign, has led some analysts to warn that it may lead to increased radicalization of already-marginalized Muslim communities across Europe and around the world. Several leading Muslim religious leaders, including Egypt's grand mufti [jurist], 'Ali Jum'ah (frequently spelled "Goma'a"), have voiced similar concerns. The Vatican and some Swiss rabbis have also criticized the vote.

Cyber jihadis, as expected, have been to quick to pick up this new issue, using it to "prove" their longstanding claims that Europeans are, like the United States and Canada, waging a war against Islam and Muslims generally and not just against militants. Cyber activists mobilized quickly in September and October just before the German elections with a similar pictorial media campaign.

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