Thursday, December 31, 2009

Elif Medya: Ramadan Donations 1430 (2009), Video of German, Turkish, Uzbek, & Pakistani Jihadis in Waziristan

Turkish jihadi commander Ebu Zarr (middle) and German radicalized convert-turned-jihadi Eric Breininger (second from right).

Today's BlipTV feature is a video produced by the Turkish jihadi media outlet Elif Medya, "Ramadan Donations 1430 (2009)," which was released on September 11. It shows German, Turkish, Uzbek, and Pakistani jihadis in the Pashtun tribal belt of Pakistan (probably in Waziristan) receiving and thanking people for donations of food and livestock for the Muslim month of fasting and prayer. The video also features statements by different jihadis, including several Germans. One of the Germans shown is Eric Breininger, a young radicalized convert. He is shown in one segment alongside the Turkish jihadi commander Ebu Zarr (Abu Zarr), who traveled this year from Chechnya to Afghanistan/Pakistan.

Introductory segment of the video, featuring Turkish and German-language translations of a Qur'anic verse from Surah [chapter] al-Imran.

WARNING: The video shows halal butchering, which is essentially the same style as kosher butchering; it requires the cutting of the animal's throat and the draining of all its blood. For those who are squeamish, be forewarned.

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