Friday, December 25, 2009

'Ashura Artwork: Part II

The third Shi'i Imam, Husayn bin 'Ali, cradling his son 'Ali Akbar who was killed at the Battle of Karbala which ended the former's rebellion against the Umayyad caliph Yazid bin Mu'awiya (Yazid I) in 680 C.E.

*Post in the 'Ashura 1431 Occasional Series of posts about the annual Shi'i Muslim (all branches) commemoration of the martyrdom in 680 C.E. of Husayn bin 'Ali, the third Imam of the Shi'is.*

For a brief historical overview of the origins of the annual Shi'i commemoration of 'Ashura and the first post in this two-part artwork series, see my previous POST.

Imam Husayn mourns his son 'Ali Akbar, who has been mortally wounded by Umayyad soldiers. Notice how both of their faces are obscured in this particular piece.

Husayn's sister Zaynab, who was responsible for ensuring that his message continued even after his death.

"O' Lord of Martyrs," Husayn bin 'Ali

Aftermath of the Battle of Karbala

Husayn's half-brother, 'Abbas, who was his standard-bearer and one of the casualties of the Battle of Karbala

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