Monday, November 02, 2009

Muqtada al-Sadr Briefed on Oct. 25 Attacks in Baghdad, Issues Condolences

Muqtada al-Sadr was briefed about the lethal October 25 attacks in Baghdad by a delegation from his socio-political movement and party, Tayyar al-Sadr (Sadr Movement) shortly after the double kamikaze car bombings. The attacks were carried out and soon thereafter claimed by the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), an umbrella for several of the most extreme jihadi-Salafi groups operating in the country, including al-Qa'ida in the Land of the Two Rivers. The Ministry of Justice and Baghdad Provincial Council headquarters were targeted by the ISI.

Several members of Tayyar al-Sadr were wounded in the attacks, including parliamentarian Maha al-Duri, whose two bodyguards were killed. Members of the Sadr bloc in the Iraqi parliament were commemorating the anniversary of the assassination of Muqtada's father, Grand Ayatullah al-Sayyid Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr, in 1999 by agents of the Saddam Husayn government.

Al-Sayyid Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr: "O' Commander of the Believers, O' Righteous Imam, Verily you are the revealed light from the God of all the Worlds."

Members of this delegation, which included party spokesman Shaykh Salah al-'Ubaydi (Obeidi) and Shaykh Walid al-Krimawi, briefed Muqtada on the structural damage caused by the bombings. The party also issued condolences to the family's of the victims.

زار وفد سماحة السيد القائد المفدى مقتدى الصدر (نصره الله ) موقع تفجير يوم الاحد الدامي في كل من بناية وزارة العدل ومجلس محافظة بغداد خلالها اطلع الوفد على الاضرار التي تعرضت لها البنايتين وقدمت التعازي بالمناسبة ويذكر ان الوفد كان مكونا من الشيخ صلاح العبيدي السيد حازم الاعرجي والشيخ وليد الكريماوي نائب رئيس الهيئة السياسية
وكان باستقبال الوفد نائب محافظ بغداد الاستاذ كامل السعدي ومدير مكتب المحافظ وجملة من السادة اعضاء مجلس محافظة بغداد

Muqtada Briefed About October 25 Attacks in Baghdad
Party Delegation Briefs al-Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr on October 25 Attacks in Baghdad

Shortly before the attacks, Muqtada had delivered a brief speech in honor of his assassinated father and two brothers. The text of the speech is below.

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