Sunday, September 27, 2009

Post Warns of Coming Attack(s) on Germany

Screen grab from the German subtitled version of Usama bin Laden's September 25 audio message, "A Message to the Peoples of Europe."


A new thread posted on one of the major jihadi Salafi online discussion forums today, and advertised on the main page, warns of a coming "day of misfortune" in Germany, which is holding parliamentary elections today. "Mujahid," a moderator (مشرف عــام) on the al-Falujah al-Islamiyyah forums, writes in the title of the first post that a "mujahideen raid/sortie is coming, O' Germany" (غارة الحق .. غارة العزة .. غارة المجاهدين آتيه يا ألمانيا) , describing it as a "raid/sortie of truth" and one of "honor."

The thread joins warnings and "advice" from al-Qa'ida "Central" chief Usama bin Laden and German jihadi Bekkay Harrach for Germans, and other Europeans, to reconsider their involvement in the ongoing war in Afghanistan, which is being led by the United States.

The thread begins with a round of invocations by "Mujahid," who references a series of major attacks, including the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and the London (2005) and Madrid (2004) bombings, as well as the attack on the U.S.S. Cole, a Navy destroyer in the Yemeni port of Aden (2000):

بسم الله رب المجاهدين الأخيار

In the name of the Lord of the Righteous Mujahideen [Warriors of Faith]

بسم الله رب الإستشهاديين الأطهار

In the name of the Lord of the Purified Martyrs

بسم الله رب أبطال غزوة كول

In the name of the Lord of the Heroes of the [U.S.S.] Cole raid

بسم الله رب التسعة عشرة

In the name of the Lord of "the 11th"

بسم الله رب أبطال غزوة لندن

In the name of the Lord of the heroes of the London raid

بسم الله رب أبطال غزوة مدريد

In the name of the Lord of the heroes of the Madrid raid

بسم الله رب الأرباب و الواحد الأحد و الفرد الصمد الذي ليس لهُ والدٌ ولا ولد

In the name of the Lord of lords, the One, the Absolute, who has no father or son


Photographs of the July 2005 London and March 2004 Madrid bombings are shown, accompanied by a warning that previous warnings prior to both attacks were not heeded, leading to the following result (the photographs follow this statement):

كانت لندن ومدريد تقول رفعنا درجات التحذير دون أن يستدرجنا أحد إلى حالة الانفعال والقلق

"Mujahid" continues, asking Germans that if a memories of the September 11, London, and Madrid attacks remain, for them to consider, "When is the morning of misfortunate coming upon you, O' Germany?", متى ستأتي صباح السوء عليك يا ألمانيا ؟

The "mujahideen" are praised, with those who lend support in the translation of materials into German given particular attention. The post ends with a call for Germans to re-evaluate their precarious position, ending with the ominous warning that "the clock is ticking..."

UPDATE (September 28): New posts in the thread urge a withdrawal from Afghanistan:

انقذوا انفسكم ... وانسحبوا من افغانستان ... الرجال قادمون وقد نسجوا اكفانهم ووضعوا رؤسهم على أكفهم يبتغون الموت والقتل ماظنه
Save yourselves ...
And withdrew from Afghanistan ...
Rettet euch ...
Und zog sich aus Afghanistan ...
Die Männer kommen gewebte Särge und steckten die Köpfe in den Händen
Suchen und Mord und Totschlag Maznh

Coming Attack (Germany) Sep 27


alle said...

It will be sort of an anticlimax if election day passes without an attack, won't it?

إبن الصقلي said...

Yes, indeed.