Thursday, September 03, 2009

Follow Occident on Twitter & New E-mail

Dear Friends, Family, & Readers:

A few updates...First, my apologies for the infrequent posting during the month of August. I was in between apartments and did not have ready access to the Internet. I hope to return to a normal level of posting during September.

Second, for those interested, you can now "follow" Occident updates and occasional bonus materials and links on Twitter, which one of my best friends somehow talked me into joining. My account name is IbnSiqilli. The quick link is:

Third, readers may now contact me via e-mail at: (it is not case sensitive).

Finally, a big thank you to all of Occident's loyal readers. I appreciate your time and comments. Please feel free to drop me a line with suggestions, constructive critiques, and other comments.

P.S. The next new post, which I hope to publish tomorrow, will discuss al-Qa'ida "Central's" chief ideologue Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri's latest video release in a series of messages about the role of Pakistan in the current "AFPAK" campaign escalated by U.S. president Barack Obama.


Brian said...

Unreal, you went on Twitter? CPA, listen, if you want out of academia, just say so...I know you used to work for Circuit City and your dream job is really to now work in media relations for your once main competitor, Best Buy, because you need to have at least 250 followers on Twitter to be considered for certain jobs in Best Buy's media department. Congratulations! My next post will be more thought-provoking.

إبن الصقلي said...

Oh, Terra Terra...You're always a hoot...