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Al-Qa'ida's Ayman al-Zawahiri Addresses Pakistan in New English-language Message

Al-Qa'ida "Central" (AQC) chief ideologue Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri (left), AQC senior ideologue and strategist in Afghanistan and Pakistan Abu Yahya al-Libi (center), and AQC chief Usama bin Ladin, over al-Aqsa Mosque, one of Islam's three holiest sites, in disputed Jerusalem.

Al-Qa'ida "Central's" (AQC), (also transliterated al-Qaeda), media outlet, the Al-Sahab (The Clouds) Media Foundation has released (late on Tuesday) a new audio message from its chief ideologue, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, entitled "My Muslim Brothers and Sisters in Pakistan." In a message that lasts for just under nine minutes, he condemns the Pakistani government, military, and intelligence services for allying with "the Crusaders," the United States government and military. In addition to the message's content, which mirrors that of AQC chief Usama bin Ladin's June 2009 audio message, which was released online on July 13, this new release from al-Zawahiri is also noteworthy because he speaks in English, in which he is fluent, and not Arabic. Arabic subtitles are provided in the audio-video. A transcript, in English, and an Arabic translation were also released on the usual Salafi jihadi online discussion forums in PDF form. You will notice slight differences between the audio message and the transcripts. English is spoken by many middle and upper class Pakistanis.


Al-Zawahiri paints a black-and-white picture of the situation that he says the Muslims of Pakistan are currently facing:

"My Muslim brothers and sisters in Pakistan, the peace and mercy and blessings of God be upon you. I believe that every honest and sincere Muslim in Pakistan should seriously contemplate – at this moment – Pakistan's present state and expected future, because the blatant American Crusader interference in Pakistan's affairs, or to be precise, the American Crusader manipulation of Pakistan's destiny, has reached such an extent that it now poses a grave danger to Pakistan's future and very existence. It is evident that Pakistan is deeply involved in a fierce internal struggle between two forces. The first one represents the Islamic values of ( والأمر بالمعروف والنهي التوحيد والجهاد عن المنكر ) and is defending the dignity and independence of the MuslimUmmah; confronting – with strength and courage – the American aggression against Pakistan and Afghanistan; and defeating the traitors who transgress against the blood, honor and dignity of the Muslims for the sake of the invading and aggressive Crusader forces. It also symbolizes the Muslim Ummah’s rejection of all forms of external aggression, occupation of its territories, theft of its resources and interference in its affairs.

[Al-Zawahiri makes reference to the Islamic concepts of Tawhid, the absolute Unity of the One God, without partners, "struggle" in the way of God (jihad), and the duty to "enjoin the good and forbid, or prevent, the evil."]

The second force comprises a clique of corrupt politicians and a junta of military officers who are fighting to remain on the American pay list by employing Pakistan’s entire military and all its resources in the American Crusade against Islam, and turning Pakistan’s military and security organizations into hunting dogs in the modern Crusade."

"Fetid Bodies of Apostates", from a AQC video from Pakistan

He ties the "mujahidin" of AQC and its allies in Pakistan to seemingly nationalist "Pakistani" goals:

"This force [representing "Islamic values"] is also persisting in and carrying on the long and continuing struggle of the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent to establish Pakistan as a political entity standing as a citadel of Islam in the subcontinent: an entity ruled by Shari'a [Islamic law] as the supreme undisputed law and realizing ( الولاء للمؤمنين والبراءة من الكافرين ) by offering shelter and support to Muslims victimized by the aggressive anti-Islamic forces; and by abstaining from providing any form of cooperation, help or support to the infidels against Muslims. This force is the real hope for achieving the goal of establishing a true Pakistan, a goal which, after sixty years of separation from India, has yet to be achieved."

The United States and Crusader West, he says, is threatened by the "mujahidin" in Pakistan, which he notes is a "nuclear capable country":

"...the Western Crusade, headed by America and served by the puppet rulers of our countries with their armies, security organizations, media, judiciary and jails, aims at halting the escalating jihadi tide in the Muslim World. In Pakistan in particular, the Crusade aims at eradicating the growing jihadi nucleus in order to break up this nuclear capable country, and transform it into tiny fragments, loyal to and dependent on the neo-Crusaders."

"The Warrior-Shaykh (leader)" Abu Yahya al-Libi, from the same AQC video

Military jihad, al-Zawahiri claims, is the "only" way to stop the "neo-Crusaders" and their apostate allies from carving up the Muslim nation-state of Pakistan:

"The only hope to save Pakistan from this disastrous fate is Jihad. There is no other alternative. The current ruling class in Pakistan is lining up under the cross of the modern Crusade and competing for American bribes. Hence, the actual ruler of Pakistan is the American ambassador, who pays the bribes and issues the orders. So the only thing that class can be expected to do is to fight Muslims and Mujahidin and sacrifice Pakistan and the lives and dignity of Pakistanis in order to achieve their dirty, greedy ambitions. They have already sold their honor and religion to the Crusaders."

The "Mujahidin" are winning victories despite the treachery of the traitorous Pakistani government and military in both Pakistan and Afghanistan:

"Today, the Mujahidin are resisting the Crusaders in Afghanistan and their bombing in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the Pakistan army and security organizations stab them in their backs. And in spite of all of that, the Mujahidin are winning victories and moving from one conquest to another. This is one of the good signs of victory and triumph, with God's help."

Swat Taliban logo

He closes by reiterating that it is the "duty" of all Muslims to assist the Mujahidin:

"The scholars of Islam have unanimously agreed that if the infidel enemy enters a Muslim country, it is the duty of all of its inhabitants – and when needed, their neighbors – to mobilize for Jihad; and the Americans are today occupying Afghanistan and Pakistan, so it is the duty of every Muslim in Pakistan to rise up to fight them. It is the individual duty of every Muslim in Pakistan to join the Mujahidin, or at the very least, to support the Jihad in Pakistan and Afghanistan with money, advice, expertise, information, communications, shelter and anything else he can offer. It is also the duty of every noble person in Pakistan’s army and security agencies to give the orders of God and His Messenger precedence over the orders of the Crusaders’ slaves, and to refrain from killing, pursuing or harming in any way Muslims and Mujahidin."

Pakistan "Taliban"

Victory, al-Zawahiri claims, is at hand:

"The jihadi force in Pakistan and Afghanistan is not only resisting attempts to defeat it, but is also winning military victories over the treasonous Pakistan army and the Crusader coalition, and is liberating more land and applying Shari'a in wide areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan in defiance of the Crusaders and the corrupt puppet regimes and secular judiciaries which continue to seek shelter under the broken wings of the American eagle."

View Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri's audio-video message.

Zawahiri Pakistan) July 15 ENGLISH
Read the English language transcript here.

Zawahiri Pakistan) July 15 ARABIC
Read the official Arabic language translation of the audio message here.

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