Monday, May 11, 2009

Lebanon: The Art of the Elections, 2009

PART OF THE SERIES OF RESEARCH NOTES FROM MY CURRENT PROJECT, "The Art of the Martyr & Mujahid," (All Material Copyrighted) :

Lebanon is scheduled to have parliamentary elections on June 7. Below, in a linked PowerPoint presentation, are examples of election art produced by the March 8 National Opposition bloc and its supporters. Member parties include the country's two largest Shi'i Muslim parties, AMAL and Hizbullah, and one of the largest Maronite Christian political parties, the Free Patriotic Movement of former General Michel 'Aoun. My project has not focused on the March 14 ruling bloc, led by the Saudi Arabia-backed Future Movement party of the chief Sunni politician in Lebanon, Sa'd "Junior" al-Hariri, and his Maronite allies, the Lebanese Forces party chief and convicted criminal Samir Ja'Ja and the remnants of the Phalange, the party responsible for massacring 700-2,000 Palestinian civilians in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in south Beirut in 1982.

Lebanon: The Art of the Election, National Opposition

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