Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The 'Angry Arab' Routes Israeli Spokesman

Prof. As'ad AbuKhalil, a secular Lebanese academic at California State University, Stanislaus vs. Israeli "information" official Akiva Tor, Israeli Consul General for the U.S. Pacific Northwest

While there is quite a bit that I do not agree with Prof. AbuKhalil on (such as religion), it is clear from the video that Tor is overwhelmed by a passionate AbuKhalil, and he can be seen fidgeting and playing with his water bottle during the professor's remarks, and again when faced with difficult questions from an informed audience. Notice at the end how Tor, feigning "aloofness," (not-so) slyly pulls out the often-used tool of accusing any critic or criticism of Israel or Israeli government policies of being "anti-Semitic. When such criticism comes from Jewish academics, such as Dr. Norman Finkelstein, and intellectuals/activists/human rights campaigners and journalists, such as Amira Hass and Gideon Levy, they are accused of being "self-hating" Jews. This is a favorite tactic of the Alan Dershowitz (and his "researchers"/ghostwriters).

Ironically, those who use this despicable tool to silence debate have much in common with the bigots who conflate a religion (Judaism) with a modern (as all of them are) nation-state based on an ethno-confessional identity (or, a set of diverse identities.)

Check out Prof. AbuKhalil's often hilariously sarcastic, toward all sides/religions/countries, daily blog, The Angry Arab News Service. I read it daily, and am linked to great stories and reports on a daily basis (too.)

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