Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Al-Qa'ida Votes 'No', for Obama

"A letter from the Supporters of the [Iraqi] Islamic State [a Salafi jihadi insurgent umbrella group] to the American pig, Barack Obama:

You did not crack/stop the mujahideen's gunfire,

Thus, know that hellfire is becoming intensely hot."

A visual motif that I found while doing research for my new project, "The Art of the Martyr & Mujahid," on one of the major Sunni jihadi online discussion forums. It was posted five days ago (April 16/17) by a user named جماعة النصرة ("Group of Victory") , under the thread title, "Our Gunfire, O' Obama, Will Destroy You (you will be destroyed)" (نيراننا يا أوباما ستمحقك)

It looks like those U.S. conservatives who predicted President Obama would hand over the keys of the country to "the terrorists" got their knickers in a knot (as usual) over an imaginary fear.

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