Monday, September 29, 2008

Revealing the Clarion Fund's Bigoted 'Swift Boat' Campaign

As many of you no doubt already know, a recent campaign has targeted swing states in this year's Presidential election during which a shadowy group, the pro-McCain Clarion Fund, has paid for "advertising supplements" to be inserted in over 70 U.S. newspapers and publications, including The Chronicle of Higher Education. 28 million copies of the bigoted propaganda DVD Obsession have been inserted in these publications. The film includes includes only interviews with individuals who back its ideological agenda. Background is available here: and

See also, "Clarion Fund, Pro-McCain Non-profit Group Fueling Politics of Fear," and "Anti-Muslim Film Produced by Pro-Israel Partisan Boosts McCain."

Professor Omid Safi of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill has written an excellent primer based on his own recent sleuthing and research that does much to reveal the thinly veiled political motives of this campaign and, most importantly, the perpetrators of this campaign and which ideological groups they have ties to. This primer is available to read here.

Please read it and distribute in the format as sent, as you see fit, to those who you think need to know the facts, in order to thwart this latest attempt at distorting the truth to win a political election.

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