Friday, August 29, 2008

YouTube: The New Frontier of Politics & Political News

YouTube has fast become one of my primary resources for political news and commentary. Below are some of the best channels, in my view. Please note, most of the channels are centrist to left-of-center, as this is generally how I affiliate politically (except on some social issues, on which I affiliate slightly right-of-center.)

(1) CSPANJUNKIEdotORG (over 2500 videos uploaded; News & Political)

(2) (over 760 videos uploaded; News & Political)

(3) topnewsmakers (over 325 videos uploaded; News & Political)

(4) Veracifier* "TOP CHOICE" (over 1280 videos uploaded; News & Political and First-hand reporting)


(1) Al-Jazeera Television

(2) Al-Jazeera English Television

(3) journeymanpictures (Documentaries, global scope)

(4) pdxjustice (Progressive, liberal lectures by authors, politicians, academics, and activists)

(5) University of California TV (Variety of programs, interviews and discussions, including the excellent series "Conversations with History")

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