Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lebanese Salafis 'Freeze' Memo of Understanding with Hizbu'llah as Sa'd "Junior" al-Hariri Reigns in His Clients

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Salafist Groups 'Freeze' Agreement with Hizbullah

The Daily Star, Beirut [August 20, 2008]

BEIRUT: Salafist groups announced on Tuesday their decision to "temporarily freeze" a memorandum of understanding they signed with Shiite group Hizbullah one day earlier." The agreement will be temporarily frozen pending appropriate circumstances that allow for its implementation," Sheikh Hassan al-Shahhal, who signed the memorandum with Hizbullah's Sheikh Ibrahim Amin al-Sayyed told a news conference in Tripoli Tuesday evening.

He added that the Sunni community "needed more than ever to stand united and shun divisions." Shahhal said the memo "needs to be carefully studied."

Shahhal held a joint conference with his cousin, alleged founder of the Salafist movements in Lebanon Sheikh Dai al-Islam al-Shahhal, who said on Monday that the memorandum was "insignificant." The eight-item memorandum between Hizbullah and representatives of Sunni Salafist groups banned internal strife between Muslims as well as all forms of sectarian incitement.

"The memorandum is in favor of Hizbullah and the Shiite community," Sheikh Dai al-Islam al-Shahhal said during the news conference. Hizbullah did not immediately comment on the freezing of the memorandum of understanding.Lebanese Jesus: Rafiq al-Hariri, held aloft in picture form by some of his son's Sunni supporters in the northern city of Tripoli. One day he took wine, drank it, and lo and behold! The national airport in southern Beirut can be reached without going through the slums of al-Dahiya! Praise Jesus! No, son, praise Al-Hariri.

However, on Tuesday, Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah defended the memorandum, saying he was "surprised at hostility created following rapprochement between any two Lebanese groups." Speaking at a Hizbullah religious gathering, Nasrallah said all controversial issues should be tackled within constitutional institutions. "All efforts should concentrate on facilitating the launch of dialogue mechanism to tackle all pending issues," Nasrallah added.

He said safeguarding Lebanon against threats targeting it could only be achieved through a "calm atmosphere."

[This news suggests that, despite the claims of Hariri Inc. shills in various media outlets and U.S.-based pundits, the driving force behind the increasing violent sectarianism in Lebanon lies primarily within the Hariri Camp. Sa'd "Junior" Hariri has been pouring money into militant Sunni groups, including Salafi ones, in an attempt to buy them off. He hopes to counter Hizbu'llah and AMAL's power among the country's Shi'a, who make up as much as 45% of the country's total population. Junior al-Hariri, whose family is Saudi, has billions of dollars from his father's business investments, which benefited from Rafiq al-Hariri's position as Lebanese prime minister.]

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