Friday, July 18, 2008

Photographs: The Return of Lebanese and Palestinian Remains to Lebanon from Israel after Decades

The coffins of 189 Lebanese and Palestinian fighters killed in battle with the Israeli military over the past three decades, dating back to Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon. In the left-hand corner is a poster of the former Hizbu'llah military chief, 'Imad Mughniyyah, who was assassinated in February 2008 in Damascus. Hizbu'llah named the exchange Operation Radwaan (عملية رضوان) after Mughniyyah's nickname.
(Photograph from the leftist Lebanese newspaper al-Safir)

(Photograph from the Palestinian newspaper al Quds)

(Photograph from the Saudi newspaper Al Yaum)

(Photograph from the Saudi newspaper al Jazeera)

Hizbu'llah leader Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah with the freed Lebanese prisoners at the victory rally in Beirut on Wednesday.
(Photograph from the Syrian newspaper Al Wehda)

Procession of flatbed trucks bearing the coffins of Lebanese and Palestinian fighters.
(Photograph from the Kuwaiti newspaper al Watan and
the Emirati newspaper Al Khaleej)

Lebanese Army soldiers salute a flatbread truck bearing the coffins of Palestinian and Lebanese fighters killed in battle with the Israelis since 1982. The picture on the right-hand side of the photograph is of the assassinated Hizbu'llah military chief 'Imad Mughniyyah.
(Photograph from the Lebanese newspaper Al Nahar)

The procession of trucks carrying the coffins of Lebanese and Palestinian fighters to Beirut.
(Photograph from Al 'Arab Online)

Flatbread truck bearing the coffins of Lebanese fighters. The sign, with a photo of former Hizbu'llah military chief 'Imad Mughniyyah, reads: "[The] Leader of Two Victories."
(Photograph from the Jordanian newspaper Al 'Arab al Yaum)

The photograph on the sign lowest to the ground is of Shaykh Ragheb Harb, a Lebanese Shi'i cleric assassinated by the Israelis in 1984.
(Photograph in the Omani newspaper Al Sharq)

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