Saturday, March 22, 2008

Marines Investigate Video Showing Member Throwing a Puppy Onto Rocks in Iraq

A video has swept across the globe via YouTube and other Internet video-sharing sites which appears to show a U.S. Marine (allegedly one David Motari: throwing a stray puppy off a steep hill onto the rocks below while in Iraq. Beware: the video is disturbing. It's also interesting (and disturbing but not surprising) to note that the American public's reaction to this video seems to be much stronger and empathetic than to the TENS OF THOUSANDS of Iraqi CIVILIANS who have been killed since the poorly-planned and executed U.S./British/"Coalition" invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Winning the hearts and minds of Iraqi children by U.S. forces (Go to: to view clips):

"Joking" with a hand grenade

Cultural ambassadors (Soldiers teach kids how to say "fuck Iraq.")

U.S. soldiers ask Iraqi kids if they "fuck donkeys." More winning of hearts and minds.....

Note: There are plenty more videos like this available on the Internet. Although certainly not representative of all U.S. soldiers, they disprove the juvenile/idiot-nationalist claim that all U.S. soldiers are moral, decent individuals. As with all groups of people, some of them are simply pricks. With two grandfathers who served in the U.S. Army and Navy respectively, the individuals in these videos are a shame to the U.S., the U.S. military, and all Americans.
As always, one can rely on our fearless and allegedly biased media to report all aspects of the occupation (, including the abuses, right? Mmmmmm.....maybe not. U.S. Marine David Motari, (alleged) prick.

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