Sunday, March 02, 2008

Internet Trend: YouTube Video Montages

As many readers may already be aware, the number of video montages set to music which are uploaded to YouTube and other video-sharing Internet services is seemingly endless. Scenes from movies, video games, photographs, and live action video are set to music by ambitious (or not so) amateurs who hope to please the general public with their creations. As with any form of art or entertainment, some of these creations work and some fail....dismally.

To honor this new medium, please click the blue hyperlink below or go to to view a video montage which I think has been done particularly well. It's a collection of scenes from the late HBO hit show The Sopranos (the "whackings") set to a song by Dire Straits, which sets the mood perfectly for the visuals. Be warned: It's violent.

As some may already know, The Sopranos is a new favorite of mine, not least of all because, growing up in an Italian-American NJ/NY family, I can relate to almost all of the cultural references in the show. My ethnic and racial background would make for a fascinating anthropological study.

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