Wednesday, November 21, 2007

'The Bubble:' Love, War, & Homosexuality in the Middle East

Three young Israelis, two guys and a girl, share an apartment in Tel Aviv's hippest neighborhood. Trying to put aside political conflicts and focusing on their lives and loves, these progressive 20-somethings are often accused of living in a sort of escapist bubble.
While on army reserve duty at a West Bank checkpoint, music store clerk Noam crosses paths with Ashraf, a Palestinian guy. When they meet in Tel Aviv, no cultural taboo can hold back their sexual attraction...
Noam and Ashraf fall in love, and the Israeli friends decide to help the Palestinian stay illegally in Tel Aviv. They arrange for Ashraf to wear less inconspicuous clothing, go by a Hebrew name and work in Yali’s cafe. From a traditional upbringing, the young Palestinian is taken by permissive city life and yearns to share his new love with his sister.
Dreaming of the day their beloved Tel Aviv will be free of political problems, the friends organize a beach rave against the occupation. But their good times soon meet up with more than just disappointment and romantic entanglements. The friends must face the bitter truth that love and friendship cannot withhold the harsh reality of the region’s on-going violence.


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