Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Mind of a Neocon: Richard Perle

An episode of the PBS series America at a Crossroads, "Case for War: In Defense of Freedom," in which Richard Perle, one of the original members of the leading Neoconservative organization the Project for the New American Century and an arch-hawk, faces some of his most ardent critics and tries to whitewash and resurrect his reputation. Perle, one of the leading advocates for the Second Iraq War and the idea that Iraq would be a cake-walk, has attempted to reinvent himself, distancing himself or denying some of his past statements. I won't pretend that I am neutral when it comes to this man or the movement which he represents, however I feel that it is valuable and in fact essential to listen to what other people with opposing views think.


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esseye said...

I direct your attention to "Prince of Darkness; Richard Perle, the Kingdom, the Power and the End of Empire in America," to be published Nov. 1st by Sterling, NYC. You can preview on Amazon.