Friday, October 05, 2007

Hope Flowers for West Bank School

By Raffi Berg BBC News, al-Khadr, West Bank

The school holds interfaith classes to promote religious understandingFor the Palestinian children of Hope Flowers School, violence and conflict is a part of everyday life.
Just six km (four miles) from Jerusalem, their village has seen repeated Israeli incursions, shootings and demolitions by the army.

It is fertile breeding ground for militancy, but, at the hilltop school - a unique project in the West Bank and Gaza - concepts of hatred and retribution are shunned. "Unfortunately we're in a time when hate has escalated between the two sides," says Ghada Ghabboun, the school's co-director. "For many Palestinians, Israelis are the enemy, and vice-versa, but here we work hard against this kind of stereotyping."
"We are all human beings, and it's important to see even your enemy in this way," says Ibrahim Issa, Co-director of Hope Flowers.

Founded as a kindergarten in 1984, the institution places peace and democracy at the heart of its syllabus and extra-curricula activities, promoting non-violence and dialogue as means for conflict resolution.

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