Thursday, May 10, 2007

Israeli Government Plans Large New Settlement in Palestinian East Jerusalem

The Israeli government announced today that it is planning to build a large new settlement bloc in Palestinian East Jerusalem on land annexed after its conquest in June 1967. The new settlement, which may take several years to be approved by local municipal councils, will link two existing settlements in East Jerusalem and will be composed of roughly 20,000 residencies. These homes will be for "young Israeli couples," according to the government. Israeli settlements, partially funded through U.S. foreign aid, in East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank are one of the several major barriers to a peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Every Israeli government for the past 37 years, to the left or to the right, has supported the construction and (lately) the expansion of settlements in order to create "facts on the ground," which will make any eventual pull-out much more difficult.

Apparently the inept Palestinian political leadership, whom I have criticized numerous times for years both in print and on Occident (and certainly will continue to), aren't the only ones who are not interested in a lasting peace agreement.

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