Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Iraq's Refugee Generations

Over three million Iraqi civilians have been displaced since the start of the American Neoconservative project that was Operation "Iraqi Freedom." Over 2.3 million have left the country and are refugees in Syria, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and the Persian Gulf states. An additional 1.9 million have been displaced internally due to increasing sectarian violence despite the fizzled "surge" by Coalition (i.e. American) forces.
Low estimates of civilian casualties since the war began four years ago exceed 50,000. From January 2006 until now over 16,000 Iraqi policemen and soldiers have been killed in action, disproving the often-cited "fact" that "the Iraqis aren't standing up."
Thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed during the invasion and after by Coalition forces, despicably termed "collateral damage," more than the casualty figures on September 11, 2001 by far. What would one say if the civilians who died in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon were "collateral damage"?

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