Friday, March 02, 2007

Windbag of the Week

Harvard University's Alan Dershowitz, author of The Case for Israel, The Case for Peace, and What Israel Means to Me. The two former titles are essentially the same book and under a thin guise of impartiality Dershowitz's unabashed love affair with Israel becomes apparent. There's no problem with the fact that he's biased toward one side. However, pretending not to be is where the facade becomes insulting to his readers. It's akin to Fox News' statement that its coverage is "fair and balanced;" it is indeed in the esteemed opinions of such intellectual giants as Ann Coulter, Michele Malkin, and "Dr." Laura Schlessinger.

Rhetorical Questions for Thought:

Can a self-described "Jewish state" be inclusive to all people equally? Will there not be some level of inequality?

When did Israel equal Judaism and vice versa?

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