Monday, February 05, 2007

'Enlightened' Israeli 'Democratic' Settlers

"[The Jew] fears to throw out the cancer raging in his midst - the Arab enemy - lest the world turn on him. He is repaid measure for measure by a grim Almighty as the world, daily, condemns him for 'oppression' of people thatwould not have been there had he had faith in God rather than fear of the Gentile."
-Rabbi Meir Kahane, American-Israeli settler leader

The side of Israel rarely covered in U.S. media: The world of tens of thousands of radical, militant, and messianic Israeli Jewish settlers.

Highly Recommended PBS Frontline documentary:

In "Israel's Next War?" FRONTLINE goes deep inside the world of militant Jewish radicals who pose a grave new threat to Israeli security and, potentially, to the region. "The dream of these extremists"—to blow up the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, one of the most important holy sites in the Muslim world—"should give us sleepless nights," says former Israeli Security Chief Avi Dichter. "Jewish terror is liable to create a serious strategic threat that will turn the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a conflict between thirteen million Jews and a billion Muslims all over the world."

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