Tuesday, July 19, 2005

RADICAL WATCH: Omar Bakri Muhammad, London's Resident Preacher of Hate

I have decided to bring to the forefront individuals whom I consider to be radicals, regardless of their religion or ideology. I believe that these individuals need to be monitored and condemned by their potential constituency and society at large. For the record, I categorically condemn the views of every individual who appears as part of my Radical Watch occasional feature.

Name: Omar Bakri Muhammad

Short Biography: Bakri Muhammad is a Syrian native, who has lived in the United Kingdom for the last two decades with his family, which includes seven children. He was a member of the Syrian Muslim Ikhwan (Brotherhood), which led the brutal uprising against Syria's secular dictator at the time, Hafez al-Asad. In 1982, after the Syrian Ba'thist government crushed the rebellion, killing tens of thousands of people in the process, Bakri Muhammad fled to Lebanon before moving to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the next year.

He was expelled from Saudi Arabia 20 years ago for his extremist views and has lived in the U.K. on government aid since then; he has been allowed to remain in that country on indefinite leave. Bakri Muhammad has been connected to the radical British Muslim organization al-Muhajiroun, whose followers include young, South Asian Brits educated in the U.K.'s secular universities.

Bakri Muhammad has publicly and repeatedly praised terrorist attacks in Chechnya, Palestine, Israel, the United States, and Europe. He infamously dubbed the 19 hijackers who carried out the September 11, 2001 attacks in the U.S., the "Magnificent 19."

After the July 7 terrorist attacks in London, the British government has become increasingly aware of the extremist views of radical, foreign shaykhs such as Bakri Muhammad. Reports suggest that the British government is trying to decide whether or not to try and expel Bakri Muhammad and others like him, which would surely lead to lengthy court battles. By preaching and condoning violence in the U.K., Bakri Muhammad is breaking a traditional tenet of Islamic law, which forbids Muslims from attacking the government in the state where they are living as guests.

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